Sunday, October 16, 2011

Malaysia 1986 $20 Banknotes Last Prefix TH Uncirculated

***As most collectors are aware, the $20 deno will be making a comeback next year & apparently, this time, it will be in yellow color, compared to the previous brown color.
The $20 banknotes signed by Jaffar Hussein have always been underpriced & 2 years ago was selling for just around RM40 a piece in UNC condition, perhaps, due to slavish following of the numismatic catalogues which for one reason or another assigned a low reference price to this issue even though the total quantity printed for this issue was less than half that of its predecessor of the same denomination.
But, since this year, this $20 banknote has been on the uptrend and that too, depends on its prefixes.
Its TH prefix commands the highest price as only less than 2 million pieces were printed & those in Choice UNC mostly, as you may notice, bear the Serial NOs starting with TH 149xxxx.
Featured today is the seldom yet seen in Choice UNC condition with the serial numbers that start with TH05xxxxx.
Many numis Smart Alecs are predicting that this TH prefixed banknote will hit way above the RM300 mark by next year.
They should be correct with their guess or rather prediction I suppose, as after all, these are the Smart Alecs who should be in-the-know compared to a layman like, who else, but yours truly.