Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Malaysia 1979 50 Cents With Extra Dot Brilliant Uncirculated

***Of course, by now you all should know that this variety of the 1979 Malaysian 50 Sen coin that has an extra Dot at the bottom of the Parliament House was discovered by none other than our highly esteemed friend, Pakar Numis Malaysia, Steven Tan.

Actually, there are tonnes of this coin around, esp. those in Fine or VF conditions, & many more that have been chemically cleaned & which some collectors proudly claimed to be 'EF' or even 'AU!'

What we desire most today will be those in BU condition, which are never easy to find and never cheap to acquire obviously.

Here is a nice specimen thats worth gloating about to those who like this so-called 'Extra Dot' variety or rather those who like dot or dots on the Malaysian coins.

However, just because of this 1979 variety, I have noticed that many amateur collectors have been very busy getting down & looking for so-called 'dots' for the Hibiscus series & believe it or not, some even proclaimed that they have discovered those with not just 1 dot but oh God, 2 'dots'.....Good luck to these pioneering folks who are obviously 'dots hunting'....


Anonymous said...

Yes, a fine specimen indeed.
Congatz malayastraitsbanknotes :)

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

Oh, yes, thank you!