Saturday, September 10, 2011

Malaysia 2011 $10 10,000,000th Banknote

***Featuring another nothing-to-crow-about banknote in the form of the recently released RM10 banknote carrying the Serial NOs of 10000000.

As my hometown fellow collector-friend remarked, "What So Great About This Banknote?" when I first got hold of it from my all-time favorite ATM machine, I have to with my greatest humility concur with my collector-friend, "What's So Great About This Banknote?"
I noticed that Malaysian RM10 Solid NOs banknotes are being offered for sale on eBay Malaysia at RM300 but there are no takers after weeks of relistings by their owners. Shall I price this banknote at RM300, perhaps, RM350, or just at RM250?

Or should I consult Pakar Numis Malaysia, Steven Tan, before I do anything stupid as after-all Steven Tan is a highly esteemed collector/dealer and whose opinion should hold much water? Or should I send this banknote to PMG for their professional grading expertise so that I can 'create some value' if this note were to be graded as PMG 64 and above.

But what if this note comes back graded as just PMG AU55 or AU58? If this happens, then, I think there will some proverbial balls to bang...

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