Thursday, September 15, 2011

Malaysia 1981 $100 Uncirculated

***A piece of the rather unusual $100 Malaysian banknote issued more than 20 long years ago in seldom seen pristine Uncirculated condition.

It has been donkey years ago since I laid eyes onto such a coveted attractive piece.

This banknote came from the monetary vault of Malaysian numismatic market leader, his Venerable Datuk Raymond Chang, who given a humble choice would definitely prefer to remain low profile.

This note is indeed for sale but Datuk Raymond has already consigned it to Mavin International located at the little red speck down South to be publicly auctioned off.
So, if you wish to, go ahead and bid for it down South & if your bids are too low, no regrets because you still can go for a bowl of punchy frog porridge at Geylang or if you want hotter action, you can have the legs of the numerous PRC's prostitutes in Geylang or you can have both, whatever is your fetish.....

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