Thursday, September 29, 2011

Malaysia 1978 10 Cents Brilliant Uncirculated

***A Malaysian coin from the Parliament series that exhibits a lustrous golden-toned hue is definitely something to gloat about, esp. this one struck in 1978 & carrying the value of 10 sen.

How I wished the current Hibiscus series could be so well struck as per what was done to its predecessors!

This coin has been with me, thru the good & bad times, for heaven knows how long & yes, I bought it from a renown Pakar Numis Malaysia.

Anyway, wherelse could someone have bought a BU copy of such immense quality, if not from an esteemed Pakar Numis?
There is no way one could have bought a coin of such standard thru the Petaling Street early morning flea market or thru online.

I only wished that I had a $20k camera so that the pictures taken would do justice to the actual coin depicted, but then, with $20k to throw around, can you folks imagine how many or rather how much coins from this Parliament series I could have bought or can still buy?!

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