Saturday, September 3, 2011

Malaysia $1 Solid Numbers Complete Set

***A Complete Set of 12 pieces of the RM1 triple-alphabet Solid Numbers banknotes, but with different prefixes.

It's now clear especially with the impending ending of this RM1 Series that it is not easy to assemble a complete Solid Numbers set with the same Prefix as apparently, according to grapevine, certain 'irresponsible' parties are 'controlling' the last 2 pivotal pieces in the form of the Solid 9999999 & 10000000.

Maybe, this is after all nothing but mere alfresco coffee shop talk as no one can control anything especially in this numismatic world.

So, do tell me who this mother-fucker is, and if you can't get my drift, I mean who is this fucker who is controlling this or that?!

Anyway, this RM1 Solid Numbers Set is for sale & in case if you are shy to ask , the price is just a mere RM2,600.00. This is chicken feed as what can you buy with RM2,600 these days, tell me?

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