Thursday, September 29, 2011

Malaysia 1978 10 Cents Brilliant Uncirculated

***A Malaysian coin from the Parliament series that exhibits a lustrous golden-toned hue is definitely something to gloat about, esp. this one struck in 1978 & carrying the value of 10 sen.

How I wished the current Hibiscus series could be so well struck as per what was done to its predecessors!

This coin has been with me, thru the good & bad times, for heaven knows how long & yes, I bought it from a renown Pakar Numis Malaysia.

Anyway, wherelse could someone have bought a BU copy of such immense quality, if not from an esteemed Pakar Numis?
There is no way one could have bought a coin of such standard thru the Petaling Street early morning flea market or thru online.

I only wished that I had a $20k camera so that the pictures taken would do justice to the actual coin depicted, but then, with $20k to throw around, can you folks imagine how many or rather how much coins from this Parliament series I could have bought or can still buy?!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Malaysia 1971 20 Cents Brilliant Uncirculated

***It's easier to find a s0-called 'rare' 1971 Malaysian 10 sen coin in BU condition than to find one 20 sen Malaysian coin from that same year in BU condition.

As such, which coin is scarcer, the 10 sen one or the 20 sen one? No prizes for guessing right, unless of course you are a blind follower of the various numismatic catalogues.

That's why many greenhorn collectors can never buy anything good for they are forever very sentimental about the prices of the better items, always following the various prices quoted in catalogues blindly, as if the catalogues' writers can even sell those items at those prices quoted!

Many times, banknotes & coins had to be bought at forward prices & way2 above the catalogued prices as one will never see them again.

A fine example is how much is the catalogued price for the 1976 1 sen copper vis-a-vis to what was recently done?!

You think the buyers who recently bought one at the MNS Auction for Rm3,600 & at the Singapore's Mavin auction at around Rm4,000 are dungus?

The on-the-spot decision to buy good items at prices higher than as per catalogued distinguishes the in-the-know true collectors from the many neophytes, who are still information lacking & are sentimental slaves of numismatic catalogues. These are folks who will consider the 1971 10 sen coin in BU condition as rare...

The 1971 20 sen in BU condition featured here today was bought from a famous Pakar Numis Malaysia many2 years back at the, then, princely sum of RM80.

It's worth all the golden toned patina that this coin exhibits, something that must have taken years to produce.

And you all can have all the 'rare' BU 1971 10 sen coins if you want to! How many do you want?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Malaysia 1978 20 Cents Brilliant Uncirculated

***As far as the 20 Sen coin from the Malaysian Parliament series is concerned, most collectors would deem those minted in year 1970 as the rarest of all, just simply because it carries the lowest mintage amount of a million or so.

But, actually, the most difficult one to get is the one minted in year 1978.

Though minted in higher quantities but those in choice UNC condition are very seldom seen.

In fact, I have yet to come across even one, even in a lousy grade, thru pocket change.

Here is a rather nice specimen that's worth doting over.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Malaysia $50 Low Serial NOs 0000001 To 0000010

***A set of 10 Uncirculated pieces of the previous 12th Series RM50 banknote bearing the low serial numbers of 1 to 10, a set that was not worth gloating about just a year or two ago.
However, the price of this old set has gone up a lot lately and one no longer sees it flooding the online market and also the offline market.
And that's how things are when such numismatic stuff are available in abundance and then, suddenly disppears from the market scene & then, reappears with much higher price.
Same thing with the 1st series Parliament Series coins because a year of two from now, those Choice pieces will command ceiling-high prices.
Most collectors actually prefer to buy high, not buy low. Maybe, they are part-time stock-market punters as well as most punters buy high (& sell low) as far as the stock market is concerned.
Look at the RM20 Jaffar Hussein banknote. At RM60, people said it's expensive, now people are buying at RM120 to RM130, but then, this banknote is all ready to rise about the RM200 mark by next year, according to one rather low-profile numismatic guru.......
So, if you want to buy any Malaysian banknotes, esp, those in UNC condition, but them now, if not you will buy them at much higher prices, esp. when the new numismatic catalogues are issued.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Malaysia 1986 $1000 ZZ Replacement Uncirculated

***Well, well, well, this must be a banknote I am cocksure will give you Malaysian collectors a little cock-stand, I suppose.

This is a $1000 Replacement banknote issued more than God knows how many decades ago and is still in an amazingly virginal pristine condition, a banknote any Malaysian Replacement collector must have or rather must dream to have....

How many of such notes were actually printed, heaven knows?

To that very little kiasu, kiasi dickhead from Singapore, no, this banknote was not obtained from the ATM machine you moron, don't you learn anything from your so-called BCBG (Bon Chic Bon Genre, you dickhead, in case you don't know what it stands for, vous, le petit abruti, est-ce qu'il n'y a que de la merde au sein de votre cerveau?) schools over there down South?!

By now, you should know that you are nothing but a real big disgrace not only to your family but to that little republic called your country!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Malaysia 1967 50 Cents Uncirculated

***A 50 Cents Malaysian coin issued way way back in 1967 in Uncirculated condition.

A coin that's definitely nothing to crow about but yet there is something to crow about as this particular coin is in Uncirculated condition, something one doesn't easily find for this particular coin these days as tonnes of them for sale online are in VG to Fine grades the most.

This particular coin has a very nice golden patina tone on it, something that takes years & years to be produced naturally by the coin itself.

With new Malaysian coins to be issued soon to replace the current Hibiscus series, this 1st issue Parliament series will be things to be crowed about in time to come for Malaysian collectors, esp. those selective ones in top grade.

For those who are interested, this coin is for sale at RM130, postage included. For interested buyers outside Malaysia, please contact my secretary for more details.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Malaysia 1981 $100 Uncirculated

***A piece of the rather unusual $100 Malaysian banknote issued more than 20 long years ago in seldom seen pristine Uncirculated condition.

It has been donkey years ago since I laid eyes onto such a coveted attractive piece.

This banknote came from the monetary vault of Malaysian numismatic market leader, his Venerable Datuk Raymond Chang, who given a humble choice would definitely prefer to remain low profile.

This note is indeed for sale but Datuk Raymond has already consigned it to Mavin International located at the little red speck down South to be publicly auctioned off.
So, if you wish to, go ahead and bid for it down South & if your bids are too low, no regrets because you still can go for a bowl of punchy frog porridge at Geylang or if you want hotter action, you can have the legs of the numerous PRC's prostitutes in Geylang or you can have both, whatever is your fetish.....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Malaysia 2011 $10 10,000,000th Banknote

***Featuring another nothing-to-crow-about banknote in the form of the recently released RM10 banknote carrying the Serial NOs of 10000000.

As my hometown fellow collector-friend remarked, "What So Great About This Banknote?" when I first got hold of it from my all-time favorite ATM machine, I have to with my greatest humility concur with my collector-friend, "What's So Great About This Banknote?"
I noticed that Malaysian RM10 Solid NOs banknotes are being offered for sale on eBay Malaysia at RM300 but there are no takers after weeks of relistings by their owners. Shall I price this banknote at RM300, perhaps, RM350, or just at RM250?

Or should I consult Pakar Numis Malaysia, Steven Tan, before I do anything stupid as after-all Steven Tan is a highly esteemed collector/dealer and whose opinion should hold much water? Or should I send this banknote to PMG for their professional grading expertise so that I can 'create some value' if this note were to be graded as PMG 64 and above.

But what if this note comes back graded as just PMG AU55 or AU58? If this happens, then, I think there will some proverbial balls to bang...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Malaysia 2011 $100 Solid Numbers 9999999

***Just another RM100 note which bears the Solid Numbers of 9999999, a note that's not worth gloating about as there are just too many Solid Numbers from this series.

As such, I was not surprised to get this note from my now-favorite ATM machine along Chow Kit Road. There might be a Solid 8 note inside this machine still if you were to just withdraw your entire life-savings from it.

Actually, leading Malaysian numismatic leader, the low-profile Datuk Raymond Chang has already offered me RM600 for this piece and since I got this note at face value from the ATM machine, I have sold this note to him for a handsome profit of RM500.

Rm500 is too handsome a profit to refuse don't you think so as how many of you earn RM500 a day?!

By the way, I still have another piece with me and I need to sell it for RM650. If interested, you know where to get hold of me, thankyouverymuch.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Oceania Japanese Invasion Money 1 Shilling OA Prefix (A Trip To The Jalan Horley, Ipoh, Flea Market)

***Last Sunday, the respected Pakar Numis Malaysia and very prolific Malaysian numismatic writer, Mr Saran Singh, & yours truly decided to drive 2 hours up North to the Sunday flea market in Jalan Horley, Ipoh.

As luck would have it, Saran just took delivery of his latest BMW 4-wheeler and the drive up north was extremely pleasurable in a still virginal speedster and the smell of brand new leather all over the cockpit never smelt that good before this.

The flea market in Jalan Horley, Ipoh is a huge one with lots of folks browsing around and with a potpourri of stuff being hawked. I thought I even saw the blue pills called Viagra being sold. I wanted to ask Saran to reconfirm but for whatever reason, I didn't.

As far as banknotes are concerned, I noticed only 3 fellas selling a certain respectable amount of banknotes.

One middle aged Chinese man called Ong who is an easy going type, a Malay man with a goatee from Penang and a younger Chinese man who has quite a lot of stuff but otherwise, a very aloof individual - he is more fit to be a King of a far-flung tiny island nation than trying selling banknotes on a Sunday morning. His fuck-up attitude would even piss my great-grandma off.

Basically, this clown no-fucked us as perhaps, we looked like time wasters and couldn't afford his stuff, his crappy stuff I must honestly add. Perhaps, I am partly to be blamed as that was my bad hair day as I forgot to comb my hair and Saran didn't wear his turban correctly either.

Anyway, this mother-fucker was trying to sell a 1925 $5 Straits Settlements note for RM2,500, a bloody cheap price for this banknote, but beware guys, this note is a forgery, and a very poor & lousy one at that. With this crappy piece of poor forgery, you can't even get to buy a one-way bus ticket back home from Ipoh to KL!

Other than the above 3 fellas, you won't be able to find any other parties selling banknotes at this flea market & be warned that prices over here are higher than in KL. I suppose the stuff found must have come from the bright horny lights of KL.

Anyway, in order not to come home empty handed & as ass luck would have it, Mr Ong had a stack of Oceania JIM notes with the value of One Shilling for sale. All of them bear either the OA or OB Prefixes. Saran & myself bought these & split them among ourselves.

Apparently, these belonged to Mr Ong's grandma at one time and as fate would have it, his, then, extremely rich grandma (who became poor with these then worthless works of art courtesy of the Japs) burned almost 1 lorry load of these after the defeat of the Japs thinking that these were worth less than the toilet paper. One copy is shown here.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Malaysia $1 Solid Numbers Complete Set

***A Complete Set of 12 pieces of the RM1 triple-alphabet Solid Numbers banknotes, but with different prefixes.

It's now clear especially with the impending ending of this RM1 Series that it is not easy to assemble a complete Solid Numbers set with the same Prefix as apparently, according to grapevine, certain 'irresponsible' parties are 'controlling' the last 2 pivotal pieces in the form of the Solid 9999999 & 10000000.

Maybe, this is after all nothing but mere alfresco coffee shop talk as no one can control anything especially in this numismatic world.

So, do tell me who this mother-fucker is, and if you can't get my drift, I mean who is this fucker who is controlling this or that?!

Anyway, this RM1 Solid Numbers Set is for sale & in case if you are shy to ask , the price is just a mere RM2,600.00. This is chicken feed as what can you buy with RM2,600 these days, tell me?