Sunday, August 21, 2011

Malaya & British Borneo 1961 $10 Choice UNC

***This must be one of the freshest $10 Buffalo Note from British Malaya that I have ever set my eyes on, so fresh as if it just came off Thomas De la Rue's press yesterday!

If this banknote is actually a young lady, I would surely love to be married to her for better or for worse for eternity! If I happen to be already married, then, I would surely take her as my wife NO.2 or push comes to shove, I will have her as my mistress.

Very sharp corners, very, very crisp white paper and extremely sharp fresh colors with no signs of ageing.

If this note were to be sent to PMG to be officially graded, I will not be surprised if it were to be returned as PMG UNC 67.

But, then, I better not be so cocksure, esp, after the recent incident whereby my Malaysian $500 UNC note was returned as only a mere PMG AUNC 58, something not very surprising due to the very high benchmark set by those American folks at PMG, I suppose.

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