Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Malaysia 2011 $10 Solid Numbers 8888888

***But of course, the most desirable of all numbers for a banknote for those who only have prosperity in their minds will be those that bear the all-desirable Solid Numbers of 8888888, more or less like the one featured today.

The Chinese, I suppose, have this predilection for all things '8', whether they are living in Communist China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Malaysia or some far flung places like Mauritius or in London and Paris and God knows where else.

Because this is obviously the ticket to enternal richesse or the feel-good feeling that it brings & that's one solid reason why rich folks in Hong Kong will pay thru the skies for a car number plate bearing such numbers.

As for me, I would really prefer to have banknotes that bear the unique solid serial numbers of 0000000, instead of all these so-called 'prosperity' mumbo jumbo....

But, for the right price, the banknote featured here is for sale but ONLY at the right price & be prepared to pay thru your nose as there is always a special price tag for the pereceived 'ticket to prosperity."

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