Thursday, July 14, 2011

Malaysia 1998 $50 Polymer Banknote Serial Number 499994

***A solid total of 500,000 pieces of this $50 Polymer banknote were issued 13 years ago and that means the banknote that bears the Serial NOs 500000 is the 500,000th note, ie., the last banknote of this series.
I wonder who is the proud owner of this 500,000th banknote. Surely, it's not yours truly & as such, don't look at me!
I am rather sure that this particular last banknote must be in some serious collector's safe hands.
As a consolation, I can only get hold of the 499,994th note, ie., the 6th last note of this series, a consolation prize you can say.
Actually, I came across this banknote just a few days by chance.
I was on business in Johor and was putting up for a night at the Silver Inn Hotel in Batu Pahat and right across this hotel at a car-park space every morning, there is actually a very bustling Morning Market whereby several Malay & Orang Asli chaps sell various numismatic stuff.
As this banknote was only going for RM150, I thought why not getting it as a souveniras the Batu Pahat folks have been very nice to me, esp, the staff at the Silver Inn Hotel's spa.
Only when I was back home that I realised that this is the 499,994th note of the series.
By the way, I also saw several other pieces of this $50 Polymer Series for sale at the same stall owned by this very affable Malay chap.
Some of them carrying rather fancy numbers like 000111, 000222, 000444, 000666, etc, etc, but I am really not into such notes. They were priced at RM200 each.


Dickson Niew said...

Good buy and good lucky number!
Can share-share some of your good collections ah?

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

We should go for a tea-tarik session one of these days so that we can have a lengthy chat about all things numismatic!