Friday, July 8, 2011

Malaya & British Borneo 1961 $10 Big A Buffalo Banknote

***Another piece of the ever-popular Buffalo banknote & this nice, crisp EF-like piece bears the Big A Prefix of A/97. Wish it was A/99 which would represent the Last Prefix of this series. But, somehow one moron said that the Last Prefix for this series is A/100. Somebody must be a real moron here. It must be him, not me.

This is a very piece of fresh, firm note, very EF-ish but to overgraders, which there is an abundance of them everywhere, both online & offline, this note could be AU-ish for them.

Lately, lots of the Small A varieties of this Buffalo Note series have surfaced online. Most were graded as VF by the various Vendors from many corners of the globe, but these Buffaloes just look too tired to even squeeze in into the Fine category. Simply put, they are just VG or worse still, lower. But of course the Vendors do not know how to grade notes as the only word found in their numismatic grading vocab seems to be VF.

Wonder not & ask me not where I got hold of this note as the story is just too long to be narrated here.

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