Saturday, July 2, 2011

Malaya $100 Japanese Invasion Money Error Smudged Image

***Collecting Japanese Invasion Money is definitely not my cup of tea as these hyperinflation banknotes that were abundantly issued by the Japs during the 1940s were practically worthless then.

I still remember how worthless they were as I can still remember how my grandmother burnt away 2 truckloads of these worthless pieces of paper in disgust.

As such, these JIM notes had never interested me esp when I noticed that some with Serial Numbers seem to command very high prices. So what if they have Serial Nos as they were hopelessly worthless during the 1940s all the same.

However, today as I was quite free as I am on my monthlong sabbatical leave, I paid a visit to the much talked about very sleazy dawn/morning flea market found at the backlane of Petaling St right in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur and I realised only today what an amazing potpourri of items and maybe rubbish to some, are being sold there.

I can bet the life of my tabby cat that even the blue pill called Viagra could be sold here, but whether it is the Real McCoy or not, I suppose you have pop one into your belly to find out.

One old man was selling some banknotes and coins at this backlane. He had lots of Straits Settlements and Malaya notes for sale.

Most looked original & certainly not chemically washed and later pressed or worst still, ironed as one would expect to receive if bought online, but I ignored these British Malaya notes as my pocket is just too shallow to get into such heavy stuff, no, at least not at my age when I am already needing a walking stick to move about.

And yes, I am also getting help from Viagra every now then.

However, I did buy a banknote from that old guy & it's a $100 JIM note but one whose's image on the Obverse had been smudged during the printing process. Also noticeable is its design having lightly shifted upwards.

Since it only costs RM5 for this note which was worth $100 during the 1940s, I bought it, as after all, what numismatic shit can I buy today for RM5?

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