Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sarawak 1940 $1 Banknote RARE

***The widely abused 4-letter-word 'rare' by mostly amateurish collectors would be most apt if applied to this seldom-seen $1 Sarawakian banknote dated 1940.

How often does one see this key-date note being offered for sale online, even if it is a washed & processed one?

This $1 1940 note featured here is an original, unwashed and unpressed piece, with fresh excellent conifer color & firm, lively paper.

It grades a Good VF and that itself is considered a very high grade for this issue. Don't bother looking an authentic EF or AU piece!

The highest grade mentioned for this banknote in the Standard Catalogue Of World Paper Money is just EF.

How many of you Malaysians have this 1940 piece in your collection?

How can you gloat if you don't have this 1940 piece in your Sarawak collection?

This is what a 'rare' banknote is all about.

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