Thursday, June 16, 2011

Malaysia 30-in-1 Uncut $1 Banknotes

***These RM1 30 Uncut notes have debunked the talk that uncut notes do not appreciate in price as collectors don't prefer to keep them due their sizes, etc, as this uncut issue was issued at less than a hundred ringgit 20 years ago & yet, the last I heard, it's openly selling at RM650 each.

I never kept even a single roll of this uncut issue until recently when our local numismatic market leader, Datuk Raymond Chang, urged me to get a roll as he foresee more uptick for this uncut issue.

And as Datuk Raymond was kind enough to sell to me at a fraternal price of RM350 each, I bought 3 rolls. But shockingly, Datuk Raymond still has about 60 rolls with him and I am sure he bought these many donkey years ago at rock bottom prices.

But not surprising that Datuk Raymond has such foresight & is very sharp mentally as after all, he was a graduate of the infamous London School Of Economics & tell me, how many of us have even used the toilets of the LSE, let alone spending 4 years there gaining invaluable knowledge.

Anyway, besides the venerable Datuk Raymond who has taught me so much in all things numismatic, I also would like to thank well-known & respected numismatic dealers like the evergreen Tony Lye, 'Pakar Numis' Steven Tan, KN Boon & Kok Mann Sun of KL, Uncle Chai Chang of Seremban & Mr Tan Eng Wan of Penang and many others for having contributed in some way or another towards the building up of my collection, & may I add, a collection that I can gloat about.

And also a big thank you to present President of the Malaysian Numismatic Society, Mr Thenakaran Nadarajah, for having so unselfishly expended his time in going through my huge Straits Settlements' coins collection , giving me so many valuable & priceless pointers. You do possess a sea of knowledge that I envy.

And, yes, I still have the very beautiful 50sen 1889 Straits Settlements coin that you sold me 10 years ago.

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