Saturday, June 25, 2011

Malaysia 1985 $25 Silver Proof Coin United Nations Decade For Women

***I was having breakfast with my girlfriend yesterday in Shah Alam & she suggested why don't I drop by at the nearby Pasar Pagi located at the Shah Alam's Stadium as there are a few stalls selling numismatic items there.

My girlfriend should know better as she was born, bred & still lives in Shah Alam.

The stall operated by a very affable guy named Dollah has the most numismatic items, from the usual banknotes to Malaysian error coins and other curios.

Among the items he was selling was this 1985 $25 Silver Proof Coin commemorating the, then, United Nations Decade For Women.

Apparently, including Malaysia, a total of 24 countries issued a similar coin that year with a potpourri of different countries involved, ranging from the, then, Iron Curtain police state of Bulgaria to banana republics like Sudan, then Marxist Ethiopia & Yemen.
I bought this coin from Dollah for RM350. He has 4 sets & has encouraged me to buy them all as he claimed that RM350 was very cheap.

But according to the now world-famous & highly respected Steven Tan's current up-to-date numismatic catalogue, this coin is catalogued at only a lowly RM300.

The catalogue price as per Steven Tan's catalogue should be the correct current market price as this is the definitive Malaysian numismatic reference book & has been so for so many years now & will be so for a long, long time to come.

Luckily, I did not buy all the 4 boxes, otherwise, I would have overpaid RM50 for each box.

Apparently, this Pasar Pagi is open everyday/morning.

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