Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Malaysia $1,000 Banknote Ahmad Don ZY9654103

***An elusive banknote that has been eluding me for so many years now and I finally managed to get hold of this $1,000 banknote issued around 20 years back & this one bearing the Serial NOs of ZY9654103.

And I wish to thank my penpal, Mr Harjeeeet Singh of Kulim, Kedah, for having sold this banknote to me and thus, allowing me to gloat for a second or two, knowing that not many folks out there have this banknote.
Anyway, Datuk Raymond Chang also wants this note & as such, it's better to pass this note to him so that he can display it at his numismatic outlet rather than me putting it next to the aquarium at my crampy joint and above all, as you all should know by now, whatever Datuk Raymond wants, Datuk Raymond gets. Heard from grapevine that he is the next numismatic candidate who will be conferred the all-desirable title of 'Pakar Numis Malaysia."

But at least, I have to thank Datuk Raymond as he has managed to get a Sa-Ribu banknote for me & that too at a fraternal price of RM3,500.

Apparently, it's from his personal collection & he bought it many moonlight years ago for just RM500. Otherwise, how can he sell this banknote to me at the above fraternal price, after all, friend is friend but business is strictly business?

By the way, Datuk, can I join you during your coming trip to Danok, Thailand? I heard the fried chicken there is much more finger licking good than the world famous Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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