Sunday, June 5, 2011

Malaysia $1 1 Brick 1,000 Pieces

***The first 1,000 pieces of the Malaysian RM1 series will be the most affordable to get hold of to the extent that one can have 'as many bricks as possible' as compared to trying to get the first 1,000 pieces for the RM10 and, esp. the RM100 series whereby the total amount forked out for the latter will be RM100K, a sum to heavy to shoulder for a layman like yours truly.

And there is nothing to gloat about for this brick of RM1 notes as by now, many would have owned many bricks, if not at least one.

But these are interesting times for the Malaysian numismatic scene due to the impending issue of new banknotes to replace current ones, and as such, there is no harm to keep 1 brick of this RM1 series bearing the 1,000 pieces for posterity.

As, after all, you will never know if the brick that you are having might turn out to be the all desirable Last Prefix of the entire series. If it does, then, it sure will be something very, very gloatable.

Anyway, if this brick turns out to be the Last Prefix, it will definitely go to the safe hands of The Venerable Datuk Raymond Chang as a vow has been made to sell this brick to him, provided this brick turns out to be the Last Prefix, if not, this brick will be opened & the money spent & thats what these banknotes are meant to be - to be spent & not to be hoarded.

And knowing the respected numismatic market leader in Datuk Raymond Chang, he will keep his word & likewise, I would. Datuk Raymond is not like some mother-fucking imbecile who will sell out just because of a few extra pieces of silver being offered/enticed.

To such lowly numismatic scums, you can go hang.

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