Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Malaya 1961 $10 Big A Buffalo Banknote

***This is another banknote that I have managed to recently acquire from Mr Dollah from the infamous Shah Alam's Pasar Pagi (Morning Market/Bazaar).

A very nice banknote with very firm & crisp exceptional paper quality.

A note that I would grade as a Good VF but of course, many parties who love overgrading banknotes as hobby would gleefully grade this note as "About EF" or even an EF.

And who knows this note might be even graded as an AU50 by PMG as after all, it seems to be en vogue nowadays to get banknotes "slabbed" so as to 'create value.'

I bought this banknote from Dollah at a freaking good price of just RM365, after as usual some haggling.

How he can sell this cheap to me is a question I wish not pose to him?

Maybe he thought this is the Small A variety or maybe he bought this note many donkey years ago for just RM150, who knows.

Or maybe the act by yours truly to share a few sticks of kretek with him made him do the fraternal unthinkable thing, I know not.

In fact, he has 2 more pieces of the Smaller A variety Buffalo notes for sale in his album, only asking for a mere RM200 each. But I let them pass as in the first place, these are very tired looking Buffalo notes and secondly, I am not the type who will grab/buy everything no matter how cheap they are on offer for I practise the 1 million-yr-old Confucian philosophy of leaving some for the next bloke, if you know what I mean.

Maybe these 2 notes are still with Dollah if you were to pay him a visit these few days.

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