Sunday, June 12, 2011

China 2011 Mini Sheet Stamps "Ancient Calligraphy"

***Stamps from China had a strong bull run last year and thereafter, anything similar that came from behind the Bamboo Curtain was selling at a hefty premium.
This mini-sheet commemorating some sort of Chinese Ancient Calligraphy was issued in April recently and is already selling at a premium if one cares to refer to eBay whereby it's going for around 12 Yankee Dollars.
I am not into all these Chinese stamps stuff but I was pestered into getting 10 sheets of these when I was at the flea market at Amcorp Mall this Sunday morning & now, I don't even know why I bought them just now. Perhaps, I was high on something just now.
They were offered to me at RM22/7 Yankee Dollars each. But honestly, I don't really know what to do with these.
Apparently, this mini-sheet was printed on rice paper according to the Vendor. I wonder what rice paper is? Next time, they will print these on toilet paper, perhaps?!
After having pushed shares & properties' prices thru the roof in China, it seems that the affluent & the syndicates in China had to look for other 'targets' to push & they targeted the Chinese banknotes & later, the Chinese stamps.
How long can this so-called bull run last? Will it rise & rise & rise like no tomorrow? The utopists believe the Chinese bull will never die & that it is immortal!
But believe me, when this thing is thru & when the over-inflated Chinese economy slumps & goes into recession, all these speculative runs would have run their course and all these immortal bulls will surely turn into raging bears & one then can see such total speculative runs collapse into a big dump heap & many folks would be losing their pants and perhaps, may, then, flush the hundreds of sheets of Chinese stamp in their possession with the initial intended long-term 'investment' into the crapper.
Until that costly lesson has been learnt, I guess the bulls will outrun the bears as far as Chinese stamps are concerned, at least for the time being.

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