Saturday, May 21, 2011

Malaysia $5 Ahmad Don NZ08 Replacement Note RARE RARE RARE

***A word that I don't often use to tag it to a banknote is the oft-used 4-letter-word,'rare.'

For me, a rare banknote is a note that one seldom sees & also one that is seldom seen being put up for sale online or offline.

For some, the RM1 unissued banknote dated 2000 signed by Ali Abul Hassan is considered a rare note. But at anytime, if one were to surf the net, one would be able to see several pieces of this 'rare' note in various grades being put up for sale.

As such, is this note, being one example, a rare note, as one sees it being offered for sale most of the time, if not all the time?

For me, at least, one truly rare Malaysian note will be in the form of the 'low profile' $5 NZ Replacement Note signed by Ahmad Don, printed by Thomas De La Rue bearing the serial numbers of NZ08xxxxx.

How often do you see this replacement note being put up for sale online or offline? And have you in the first place ever even seen a piece of this note before? Is the scarcity of this-said banknote mentioned in any of our local numismatic catalogues?

To those folks who want to buy 10 pieces or 20 pieces running of the RM1 unissued Ali Abul Hassan note, do contact me as I have these 'very rare' notes for sale.

In the meantime, can anyone out there try to get for me 5 consecutive pieces of the above RM5 NZ08xxxxx Replacement note?

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