Friday, May 27, 2011

Malaysia 1995 $10 Crossover VV Prefix RARE RARE RARE

***Another revisit to this Malaysian banknote issued 15 years ago in the form of the $10 banknote with the Prefix of VV & printed by G & D.

Numismatic catalogues are supposed to provide loads of info into various banknotes but sadly this is another scarce banknote that's totally ignored by catalogues and is being ignorantly tagged at less than RM100 for a piece in UNC condition apparently, as if those in UNC can be easily found.

Why has that been going on all these while? Ask me this question not.

Most numismatics folks by now would know what is scarce & what is not & what is overpriced & what's underpriced for most Malaysian banknotes.

But the newbies will have to, I suppose, pay tuition fees during their first year into this expensive hobby of spending new money to buy old/obsolete money.

I am still looking for a UNC piece for this issue for my own private amusement & I am wondering how many folks out there actually have it in UNC condition & please, this means excluding those washed, pressed, ironed ones & of course, there is no prize for guessing which country has the greatest Cleaners, Washers & Pressers of banknotes in the world.

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