Sunday, May 15, 2011

Malaysia 1985 $20 Banknotes

***As everyone knows, only 2 $20 banknotes series were printed in Malaysia, namely, the so-called Blindman series and the one featured here, all printed & issued more than 25 years ago.

The one printed in 1985 only carried 2.2 Prefixes only as the Last Prefix of 'TH' only were printed with the serials numbers from TH0xxxxxx to TH16xxxxx, and this meant that about 22 million pieces of this issue were printed.

But the irony is that the Blindman series which has 5 complete prefixes with the total notes printed being 50 million commands a higher price of double ,if not more, than that of the 1985 one.

One simple reason is due to the fact that collectors have been slavishly following what is being written in various Malaysian money catalogues. They think what is therein written is gospel.

The market is never perfect for it is foreseeable that those who buy the 1985 $20 issue will definitely see more uptick in the price of this note, due to, quite simply, the lesser quantity this issue was issued.

Follow the various Malaysian money catalogues slavishly at your peril as some of the authors, or shall we call them dungus, don't even know what is head & what is tail!

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