Monday, May 23, 2011

Malaysia 1985 $10 Thomas De La Rue Crossover VM Prefix RARE RARE RARE

***An elusive Malaysian banknote hidden from view for many, many years until sighted recently in the form of the Rare crossover VM prefixed $10 banknote, crossing over from printed Thomas De La Rue to printed BA Banknote at the serial numbers of 0xxxxxx.

None of the Malaysian numismatic catalogues bother to highlight the rarity of this banknote, as usual, indicating to most slavish readers that the price of this issue is worth just a few miserable ringgit. Why?

Neither would these catalogues highlight similarly scarce banknotes like the $5 NK0xxxxxx & the $10 VV Prefixed banknote printed by Giesecke & Devrient. Why?

To those who blindly decipher numismatic catalogues and buy banknotes as per what they have blindly digested, most of the time they would end up buying banknotes at prices way, way above the actual 'grassroots' price.

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