Friday, May 13, 2011

Malaysia $10 Low Serial Numbers 0000001 to 0000010

***A set of 10 pieces of the current RM10 Malaysian banknote bearing the first 10 low serial numbers of 0000001 to 0000010.
A set of notes that's quite common but with the impending conclusion of this series, there is no harm in keeping a set for posterity at this late stage of this series.

And there's nothing to gloat about for this low serial numbers set unless of course if one has the ever desirable yearned-for prefix.


whycollect said...

Hi malayastraitsbanknotes,
Our sincere thanks to you for sharing all these wonderful numismatic items in your blog.
Frankly we can only read in awed silence each time you come out with a posting.
These rare banknotes are simply out of reach as far as we are concern, lol.
Thanks a lot for sharing :)

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

And Thank You for dropping by the neighborhood!