Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Malaya And British Borneo 1953 Queen Elizabeth $1,000

***An obviously the rarest piece of banknote from the stable of the Malaya And British Borneo series bearing the vignette of a young and attractive looking Queen Elizabeth II in the form of the $1,000 banknote dated 1953.
It has been rumored that there are less than 20 pieces of this note in existence and as such, whoever has this note in his collection, it would be a collection that there is a reason to gloat about and to be envied.
And it's suspected that only less than 6 pieces of this banknote are in the hands of collectors in Malaysia.
Lets hail the collector who is having this note in his collection for he has the last highest denomination circulated Malaya British banknote which has the QE II's vignette on it!
And I wonder how many collectors who have actually seen how this note looks like in terms of color, design and size other than what they have seen thru the various numismatic catalogues?!


Dickson Niew said...

My deam banknotes!Let me start with the $100.00 Queen E.II first.

Mr. Danny said...

wow..this note is RRRRRR

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

Not many folks have seen the actual note of this note.

It's becoming a great privilege to do so!