Sunday, May 8, 2011

16th Anniversary In Memory Of Extraordinary Singer, Teresa Teng

***It seems as if she left us yesterday but believe it or not, chanteuse extraodinaire, Teresa Teng (Deng Li-chin/Tang Lai Kwan) from Taiwan had already passed on 16 years ago, on this 8th day of May, marking today the 16th Anniversary her passing on.
Teresa Teng must be the most successful Chinese singer ever and it is very unlikely any other oriental singer can repeat her prolific feats.
She is the only Chinese who have had big hits in Taiwan (Mandarin), Hong Kong (Cantonese) & Japan (Japanese).
Very unlikely any other Chinese singers can repeat her feats, perhaps he or she can have big hits in Mandarin & Cantonese in Taiwan and Hong Kong respectively but very unlikely whoever this individual is can score massive hits sung in Japanese in the very demanding Japanese music scene.
Teresa Teng had won in 3 successive years, 1984, 1985 & 1986 the Best Song Of The Year Award in Japan, namely for Tsugunai, Aijin & Tokino Nagare Ni Mo Wo Makase, a record that is until today yet to be broken by any Japanese artiste, not to mention from any non-Japanese!

Who can ever forget her great tunes like Tian Mi Mi, Ni Zhe Muo Zuo, He Re Jun Cai Lai, Yue Liang Tai Piao Wo Te Xin and a long host of others & Japanese tunes like Kuukoo, Wakare No Yokan, Tokino Nagare Ni Mi Wo Makase, Tsugunai, Aijin, Kokoro Korasete and a long list of others?
And I think Teresa Teng did a better job in her cover versions of Erimo Misaki, Osaka Shigure and Shinji Tanimura's Subaru.
Incredibly, even though Kuukoo/Airport was first sung by Teresa Teng 37 years ago, it still sounds so good today. This song was composed way ahead of its time.
And in addition, her cover version of songs like He Re Jun Cai Lai/When Will You Return turned this tune into one of her biggest hits. And it seems that Tian Mi Mi was originally an Indonesian song called Dayung Sampan.
Teresa Teng was a very prolific singer who was constantly recording and staging live concerts. She had even released an album in Indonesian!
Perhaps, she would have even recorded songs in French if she was still around as during the last few years of her life, she lived in France & had a young French boyfriend.
A lot of bad things had been said about her French boyfriend but I guess it's all untrue. Until today, her French boyfriend had kept total silence on his relationship with her. He could have made a lot of money by spilling the beans on her via a book deal but he hasn't.
I guess Teresa Teng had already said her eternal goodbye thru Cai Cen Wo Te Ai Ren/Goodbye My Love Goodbye and that she Will Never Return (He Re Jun Cai Lai/When Will You return).


Dickson Niew said...

I missed her a lot too!
Listen to her songs will relax your mind.Never fail!

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

She is the only Chinese singer that I can 'connect.'

Ben Liu said...

Love her!

Here are some drawings of her I did, hope u like them:)