Monday, May 30, 2011

Malaysia 1985 $10 FIRST PREFIX 'PA'

***Several years back I strated on a personal journey to collect all the prefixes issued for the 5th Series Malaysian $10 banknote, which started from the prefix of PA right up to the Last Prefix of PQ.

Initially, I thought that it was a piece of cake trying to assemble this entire series but along the way, I realised that it was never easy to get hold of every single prefix of the note in Choice UNC condition.

I realised that most notes from this series are prone to foxing and premature ageing and many had counting marks and/or dirty and rounded corners, which are definitely a No No as far as I am concerned.

Then, the only note that has finally eluded me for this series was the First Prefix of PA. I never managed to find one in choice proper uncirculated condition. Even if they were in so-called UNC condition, they had counting marks, or had light stains or their 4 corners just weren't sharp enough.

But I have finally found the perfect 10 PA prefixed piece which had to come all the way from New York! I wonder how this note ended up in New York in the first place!

And now, I can, finally, gloat that I have the complete set of this 5th Series $10 issue and all the notes from PA to PQ are in perfect Choice UNC condition.

How many of you out there can actually gloat that you, too, have a similar set? And please, perfect UNC ones, I mean, not those soiled or so-called amateurishly-graded-and-masquerading-as-EF/AU types......

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Malaysia $100 Serial NOs XX00x0000

***A rather unusual currently-in-use RM100 Malaysian banknote that I got hold off by chance today.

I saw this banknote at an antique shop at the Amcorp Mall today and I was quite taken aback that such a banknote actually exists & that no one has actually bought it, even though, according to the shopkeeper it has lying on the showcase for the past 1 month.

A rather unusual note bearing the Serial NOs of XX00x0000. I suppose the old grandma saying,"What's Yours Is Yours & What's Not Yours Is Not Yours", finally makes good sense to me...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Malaysia 1995 $10 Crossover VV Prefix RARE RARE RARE

***Another revisit to this Malaysian banknote issued 15 years ago in the form of the $10 banknote with the Prefix of VV & printed by G & D.

Numismatic catalogues are supposed to provide loads of info into various banknotes but sadly this is another scarce banknote that's totally ignored by catalogues and is being ignorantly tagged at less than RM100 for a piece in UNC condition apparently, as if those in UNC can be easily found.

Why has that been going on all these while? Ask me this question not.

Most numismatics folks by now would know what is scarce & what is not & what is overpriced & what's underpriced for most Malaysian banknotes.

But the newbies will have to, I suppose, pay tuition fees during their first year into this expensive hobby of spending new money to buy old/obsolete money.

I am still looking for a UNC piece for this issue for my own private amusement & I am wondering how many folks out there actually have it in UNC condition & please, this means excluding those washed, pressed, ironed ones & of course, there is no prize for guessing which country has the greatest Cleaners, Washers & Pressers of banknotes in the world.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Malaysia 2011 $50 ZC Replacement. Is There A ZD Replacement?

***These are of course the RM50 ZC Replacement banknotes issued a while back.
Recently, a clown mentioned that the ZD Replacements for the current RM50 series have surfaced.
However, the sighting of this ZD cannot be verified as this clown hasn't seen the notes with his own eyes, neither has another raconteur of such a tale seen them either.
However, if indeed the ZD is out for the current RM50 notes, wouldn't the ZC be, thus, a scarce or even a rare issue as it would have been a very brief issue? You don't have to be a genius to know the obvious answer, I suppose.
Likewise, if there is a ZE replacement for the current RM100 series, wouldn't the RM100 ZD Replacement be, thus, scarce as well as the RM100 ZD would also qualify as a very brief issue? You don't have to be a smart alec to guess the obvious either.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Malaysia 1985 $10 Thomas De La Rue Crossover VM Prefix RARE RARE RARE

***An elusive Malaysian banknote hidden from view for many, many years until sighted recently in the form of the Rare crossover VM prefixed $10 banknote, crossing over from printed Thomas De La Rue to printed BA Banknote at the serial numbers of 0xxxxxx.

None of the Malaysian numismatic catalogues bother to highlight the rarity of this banknote, as usual, indicating to most slavish readers that the price of this issue is worth just a few miserable ringgit. Why?

Neither would these catalogues highlight similarly scarce banknotes like the $5 NK0xxxxxx & the $10 VV Prefixed banknote printed by Giesecke & Devrient. Why?

To those who blindly decipher numismatic catalogues and buy banknotes as per what they have blindly digested, most of the time they would end up buying banknotes at prices way, way above the actual 'grassroots' price.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Malaysia $5 Ahmad Don NZ08 Replacement Note RARE RARE RARE

***A word that I don't often use to tag it to a banknote is the oft-used 4-letter-word,'rare.'

For me, a rare banknote is a note that one seldom sees & also one that is seldom seen being put up for sale online or offline.

For some, the RM1 unissued banknote dated 2000 signed by Ali Abul Hassan is considered a rare note. But at anytime, if one were to surf the net, one would be able to see several pieces of this 'rare' note in various grades being put up for sale.

As such, is this note, being one example, a rare note, as one sees it being offered for sale most of the time, if not all the time?

For me, at least, one truly rare Malaysian note will be in the form of the 'low profile' $5 NZ Replacement Note signed by Ahmad Don, printed by Thomas De La Rue bearing the serial numbers of NZ08xxxxx.

How often do you see this replacement note being put up for sale online or offline? And have you in the first place ever even seen a piece of this note before? Is the scarcity of this-said banknote mentioned in any of our local numismatic catalogues?

To those folks who want to buy 10 pieces or 20 pieces running of the RM1 unissued Ali Abul Hassan note, do contact me as I have these 'very rare' notes for sale.

In the meantime, can anyone out there try to get for me 5 consecutive pieces of the above RM5 NZ08xxxxx Replacement note?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Malaysia 2007 $50 Commemorative Banknote With Folder

***In 2007, the, then, new RM50 banknote was issued with a commemorative cover & folder to the general public at the issue price of RM60 with the total quantity issued at 20,000 pieces.

Since then, its price has progressively shot up to as high as RM550 a piece for those with 2 zeroes.

Many sellers and collectors alike actually made themselves believe that the value of this note has shot up.

But, what really happened was that 1 rich collector was on a buyer spree for this note and was buying as many as possible at the range of RM500 to RM550 each.

The buying has stopped. But many owners of this note think otherwise and many still want to sell at high & ridiculous prices.

As it is now, trying to sell 1 piece at RM500 already seems so difficult as it is way, way overvalued & oevrly speculative.

Some apologists argue that 20,000 pieces is a small number. But then, what about the 30-in-1 RM5 notes with a total issue of 3,000 pieces whose price is never above RM600 each, with the original issue being RM400? Smaller issue but shitty price.

But with the impending issue of the new Limited Edition banknotes featuring 6 new banknotes of RM1, RM5, RM10, RM20, RM50 & RM100, all bearing the same serial numbers, would the price of the 2007 issue not collapse?

Would you still prefer to pay RM500 for the 2007 issue or would you prefer to pay RM500 or even more for the new 6-piece Limited Edition notes?

If you choose the latter, that means the single piece RM50 note is overpriced and a 'correction' might be long overdue.

It took 4 years from 2007 to 2011 for the RM50 Merdeka Folder banknote to rise from RM60 to RM550. I don't think it needs 4 long years to spiral downwards pricewise.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Malaysia $5 Polymer The Last Prefix EG

***The RM5 Polymer Malaysian notes were first issued in 2006 with the first prefix of CA and as of today, they have been printed right until the prefix of EG.

Apparently, EG might be the last prefix for this RM5 Polymer series. Some parties are skeptical that EG is the last prefix while some other parties are very cocksure that EG is indeed the last prefix.

If that is the case, the note that bears the Serial Numbers EG9999999 would be the last note for this series while CA0000001 would be the very first note of this series.

Who are the collectors who are having these 2 very desirable & pivotal notes, notes which are, indeed, worthy to be gloated about?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Malaysia 1985 $20 Banknotes

***As everyone knows, only 2 $20 banknotes series were printed in Malaysia, namely, the so-called Blindman series and the one featured here, all printed & issued more than 25 years ago.

The one printed in 1985 only carried 2.2 Prefixes only as the Last Prefix of 'TH' only were printed with the serials numbers from TH0xxxxxx to TH16xxxxx, and this meant that about 22 million pieces of this issue were printed.

But the irony is that the Blindman series which has 5 complete prefixes with the total notes printed being 50 million commands a higher price of double ,if not more, than that of the 1985 one.

One simple reason is due to the fact that collectors have been slavishly following what is being written in various Malaysian money catalogues. They think what is therein written is gospel.

The market is never perfect for it is foreseeable that those who buy the 1985 $20 issue will definitely see more uptick in the price of this note, due to, quite simply, the lesser quantity this issue was issued.

Follow the various Malaysian money catalogues slavishly at your peril as some of the authors, or shall we call them dungus, don't even know what is head & what is tail!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Malaysia $10 Low Serial Numbers 0000001 to 0000010

***A set of 10 pieces of the current RM10 Malaysian banknote bearing the first 10 low serial numbers of 0000001 to 0000010.
A set of notes that's quite common but with the impending conclusion of this series, there is no harm in keeping a set for posterity at this late stage of this series.

And there's nothing to gloat about for this low serial numbers set unless of course if one has the ever desirable yearned-for prefix.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Malaysia $50 Low Serial Numbers 0000001 to 0000010

***10 Consecutive pieces of the currently in use RM50 Malaysian banknotes with the Low Serial Numbers from 0000001 to 0000010.
Again a set of banknotes which one shouldn't gloat about as there seems to be a lot of such low number sets.
The most desirable of such low number sets would be the RM5 polymer ones as there are only a few select collectors who have the first 10 low numbers of the RM5 Polymer series. Are you one of them?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Malaysia 2000 $5 Complete Set 21 Pieces AN to BJ

***A complete set of 21 RM5 banknotes printed on paper prior to the issuance of the RM5 notes printed on Polymer.

And obviously, the 'assembler' of this set of notes can be very proud of his handywork as he has managed to assemble the entire prefixes of this series from AN to BJ and to top it up, he has made sure that the last digit of every single note ends with the digit '2.'
For a change, something painstakingly done that's worth gawking at but nothing to gloat about. Only admire the efforts taken by the anonymous 'assembler' of this set in completing this set of notes so meticulously.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

16th Anniversary In Memory Of Extraordinary Singer, Teresa Teng

***It seems as if she left us yesterday but believe it or not, chanteuse extraodinaire, Teresa Teng (Deng Li-chin/Tang Lai Kwan) from Taiwan had already passed on 16 years ago, on this 8th day of May, marking today the 16th Anniversary her passing on.
Teresa Teng must be the most successful Chinese singer ever and it is very unlikely any other oriental singer can repeat her prolific feats.
She is the only Chinese who have had big hits in Taiwan (Mandarin), Hong Kong (Cantonese) & Japan (Japanese).
Very unlikely any other Chinese singers can repeat her feats, perhaps he or she can have big hits in Mandarin & Cantonese in Taiwan and Hong Kong respectively but very unlikely whoever this individual is can score massive hits sung in Japanese in the very demanding Japanese music scene.
Teresa Teng had won in 3 successive years, 1984, 1985 & 1986 the Best Song Of The Year Award in Japan, namely for Tsugunai, Aijin & Tokino Nagare Ni Mo Wo Makase, a record that is until today yet to be broken by any Japanese artiste, not to mention from any non-Japanese!

Who can ever forget her great tunes like Tian Mi Mi, Ni Zhe Muo Zuo, He Re Jun Cai Lai, Yue Liang Tai Piao Wo Te Xin and a long host of others & Japanese tunes like Kuukoo, Wakare No Yokan, Tokino Nagare Ni Mi Wo Makase, Tsugunai, Aijin, Kokoro Korasete and a long list of others?
And I think Teresa Teng did a better job in her cover versions of Erimo Misaki, Osaka Shigure and Shinji Tanimura's Subaru.
Incredibly, even though Kuukoo/Airport was first sung by Teresa Teng 37 years ago, it still sounds so good today. This song was composed way ahead of its time.
And in addition, her cover version of songs like He Re Jun Cai Lai/When Will You Return turned this tune into one of her biggest hits. And it seems that Tian Mi Mi was originally an Indonesian song called Dayung Sampan.
Teresa Teng was a very prolific singer who was constantly recording and staging live concerts. She had even released an album in Indonesian!
Perhaps, she would have even recorded songs in French if she was still around as during the last few years of her life, she lived in France & had a young French boyfriend.
A lot of bad things had been said about her French boyfriend but I guess it's all untrue. Until today, her French boyfriend had kept total silence on his relationship with her. He could have made a lot of money by spilling the beans on her via a book deal but he hasn't.
I guess Teresa Teng had already said her eternal goodbye thru Cai Cen Wo Te Ai Ren/Goodbye My Love Goodbye and that she Will Never Return (He Re Jun Cai Lai/When Will You return).

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Malaysia $1 ABX 0000001

***Et aujourd'hui, je suis très heureux de pouvoir vous présenter ce soir un billet élusif que beaucoup de collectioneurs du monde numismatique local ont cherchés ces derniers mois.
Je veux dire ce billet particulier qui porte la valeur d'un Ringgit avec le préfix spécial d'ABX & avant tout portant les numéros de série de très bas de 0000001, c'est-à-dire le premier billet de ce préfixe.
Un abruti s'est efforcé d'obtenir ce billet bien qu'il sache tres bien qu'on me l'ait déjà promis.

Tant pis pour lui & grâce au Monsier Le Bien Respecté, j'ai pu enfin ajouté ce billet à ma petite collection.

Oui, je prends un petit pas mais vers en direction de la gloire bien sûr!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Malaya And British Borneo 1953 Queen Elizabeth $1,000

***An obviously the rarest piece of banknote from the stable of the Malaya And British Borneo series bearing the vignette of a young and attractive looking Queen Elizabeth II in the form of the $1,000 banknote dated 1953.
It has been rumored that there are less than 20 pieces of this note in existence and as such, whoever has this note in his collection, it would be a collection that there is a reason to gloat about and to be envied.
And it's suspected that only less than 6 pieces of this banknote are in the hands of collectors in Malaysia.
Lets hail the collector who is having this note in his collection for he has the last highest denomination circulated Malaya British banknote which has the QE II's vignette on it!
And I wonder how many collectors who have actually seen how this note looks like in terms of color, design and size other than what they have seen thru the various numismatic catalogues?!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Malaysia $1 Complete 'Z' Prefixes ZA to ZAB

***A complete set of 22 pieces of the RM1 Malaysian notes bearing the complete Z Prefixes from ZA all the way to ZAB.

A compilation that's not all that simple to compile but nevertheless accomplished by you know who by now.

And these notes span from the early years of 2000 right up to the recently issued ZAB. Will there be a ZAC, by the way?!