Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Malaysia $5 Polymer Notes 47 Pieces Complete Prefixes CA-EG

***Apparently the RM5 Polymer notes that started way back in year 2000 with the First Prefix of CA has already ran its course with its current design with the ending Prefix of EG, & that means a total of 47 prefixes were issued during these last 10 years or so.

Nothing to gloat about with these notes but to assemble the complete set of these notes with the complete prefixes must have been quite a herculean task to the 'assembler' as it's not easy trying to get hold of every prefixes which were issued all over the country.

That's why I salute The Venerable Datuk Raymond Chang as only he and he alone could have taken the gargantuan task of assembling this complete set of notes as I am doubtful other dealers or small-time dealers could have done the same.

That is why The Venerable Datuk Raymond Chang is without doubt the current undisputed Leader in the Malaysian numismatics scene.

And I guess he will be wearing this crown for a long, long time to come, don't you all folks out there agree, unless you are that particular lowly dungu who has never heard of him?!

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