Thursday, April 28, 2011

Malaysia $100 ZD Replacement - Will Much More Be Printed?

***Apparently, many Malaysian banknotes' dealers & collectors alike are now convinced that the recently issued RM100 ZD Replacement banknote will be a 'scarce' issue & as such, this note is now being priced higher & in fact, very2 much higher by them.

The rationale for the above is that since this Replacement was derived from the recently issued RM100 notes bearing the Prefixes of CT, CU, CV & CW & that CW is the so-called 'Last Prefix', no more ZD notes will appear other than what had already appeared.

But, how cocksure are you 'learned' folks about this? Where did you get this info?

I for one can assure you that CW is NOT the Last Prefix & that there will be continuation from there and that the Prefixes of CY & CZ do exist and the only thing is you haven't seen them yet.

Will this mean that more RM100 ZDs will be printed & will its price slide down? Sorry, no prizes for guessing the right answer!

Same thing with RM10 ZF issue. Folks thought that this ZF should be scarce as it's derived from the RM10 Prefixes of NW, NX, NY & NZ.

But lo & behold, we now have the Prefixes of PA & PB & the ZFs have appeared in stacks!

I suppose most folks have forgotten about the 'rare' RM1 ZD episode!

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