Thursday, April 21, 2011

Malaysia $1 ABW 2626262 & ABY 2626262

***2 pieces of nothing-to-gloat-about Malaysian RM1 banknotes, which just happen to be bearing the Serial NOs of 2626262 & so happen to have a smaller & subsequent bigger font for their prefixes.

Of course, the Malaysian numismatic leader, his venerable Datuk Raymond Chang has the all important ABX0000001 to ABX1000000 safely in his grasp.

Do you really expect him to sell these to you if you ask him to? He can't sell these to you as he has already sold these to me, you dungu!

Datuk Raymond Chang is a man of his words & that means once he has promised to sell me the above notes, he will keep to his word, no matter how much you will offer him subsequently. His soul is never for sale & yes, his mother is not for sale either no matter how high your price is.


Anonymous said...

Did someone offered to buy his mother? What was the offered price?

You are a sick man posting this kind of comment!

I dare you approve this comment, MF!

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

So, you must be that lowly moron who has been harassing his Lordship, Datuk Raymond Chang.

Calling somneone a Mother Fucker means you must be one yourself!

How nany trysts have you had with your own mother, you despicable lowly feline?!

Haven't you heard about not pointing a finger at others, lest 3 sharp fingers will be pointed back at you?!

Anonymous said...

thank you for publish my comment. You have guts! I have no idea who the hell is Raymond Chang, and if I was him seeing you putting up comments like this I will be most upset. Have some common sense when posting your opinion. Grow up!

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

You little pariah & low caste mangy feline, please take your 'holier than thou' shit and shaft it into your mother's ass.

For not knowing who the venerable Datuk Raymond Chang is is totally unforgiveable for a moronic imbecile like you and you are one of the most disgraceful imbeciles who ever bothered to make silly, stupid comments, fit only for the consumption of the likes of Robert Mugabe.

For being such an ignorant or pretending to be an ignorant fool, I am hereby commanding to soak yourself for 30 minutes in the Indah Water Konsortium's wading pool that's located next to your home!