Thursday, April 28, 2011

Malaysia $100 ZD Replacement - Will Much More Be Printed?

***Apparently, many Malaysian banknotes' dealers & collectors alike are now convinced that the recently issued RM100 ZD Replacement banknote will be a 'scarce' issue & as such, this note is now being priced higher & in fact, very2 much higher by them.

The rationale for the above is that since this Replacement was derived from the recently issued RM100 notes bearing the Prefixes of CT, CU, CV & CW & that CW is the so-called 'Last Prefix', no more ZD notes will appear other than what had already appeared.

But, how cocksure are you 'learned' folks about this? Where did you get this info?

I for one can assure you that CW is NOT the Last Prefix & that there will be continuation from there and that the Prefixes of CY & CZ do exist and the only thing is you haven't seen them yet.

Will this mean that more RM100 ZDs will be printed & will its price slide down? Sorry, no prizes for guessing the right answer!

Same thing with RM10 ZF issue. Folks thought that this ZF should be scarce as it's derived from the RM10 Prefixes of NW, NX, NY & NZ.

But lo & behold, we now have the Prefixes of PA & PB & the ZFs have appeared in stacks!

I suppose most folks have forgotten about the 'rare' RM1 ZD episode!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Malaysia $5 Polymer Notes 47 Pieces Complete Prefixes CA-EG

***Apparently the RM5 Polymer notes that started way back in year 2000 with the First Prefix of CA has already ran its course with its current design with the ending Prefix of EG, & that means a total of 47 prefixes were issued during these last 10 years or so.

Nothing to gloat about with these notes but to assemble the complete set of these notes with the complete prefixes must have been quite a herculean task to the 'assembler' as it's not easy trying to get hold of every prefixes which were issued all over the country.

That's why I salute The Venerable Datuk Raymond Chang as only he and he alone could have taken the gargantuan task of assembling this complete set of notes as I am doubtful other dealers or small-time dealers could have done the same.

That is why The Venerable Datuk Raymond Chang is without doubt the current undisputed Leader in the Malaysian numismatics scene.

And I guess he will be wearing this crown for a long, long time to come, don't you all folks out there agree, unless you are that particular lowly dungu who has never heard of him?!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Malaysia 1981/83 $1 Solid Numbers 888888

***An ever popular $1 Malaysian banknote issued about 20+ years ago & which is still in tip-top condition, bearing the always desired Solid Serial Numbers of 888888, the Serial Numbers that most collectors would like to have or rather would like to 'control.'

For no reason at all or perhaps, as fate would like to have it, this banknote was 'presented' to me very recently and certainly, it will be in my small insignificant collection for a quite some time to come.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Malaysia 1998 $50 Polymer Serial Number 000888

***The now more than 12-yr-old first ever Malaysian polymer banknote to be issued to then commemorate her hosting of the Commonwealth Games is a very ordinary note today due to the rather huge quantity issued, but this banknote featured here today bears the gloatable Serial Numbers of 000888.
Since it is not possible to get the Solid Numbers to this issue, the 4th best option is get hold of this note with such a Serial Number.
Will it bring bountiful and non-stop prosperity to the owner of this banknote, whoever he is?
No, this note doesn't belong to Malaysia's numismatic leader, who besides being long ago bestowed with the title of 'Pakar Numis Malaysia', is now respectfully known near and far as the very Venerable Datuk Raymond Chang.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Malaysia $1 ABW 2626262 & ABY 2626262

***2 pieces of nothing-to-gloat-about Malaysian RM1 banknotes, which just happen to be bearing the Serial NOs of 2626262 & so happen to have a smaller & subsequent bigger font for their prefixes.

Of course, the Malaysian numismatic leader, his venerable Datuk Raymond Chang has the all important ABX0000001 to ABX1000000 safely in his grasp.

Do you really expect him to sell these to you if you ask him to? He can't sell these to you as he has already sold these to me, you dungu!

Datuk Raymond Chang is a man of his words & that means once he has promised to sell me the above notes, he will keep to his word, no matter how much you will offer him subsequently. His soul is never for sale & yes, his mother is not for sale either no matter how high your price is.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Malaysia $5 Polymer Solid Numbers 9999999

***Truly a banknote that one can gloat about for a long time in the form of the Malaysia's RM5 Polymer banknote bearing the Solid Serial Numbers of 9999999, provided always that you have it in your collection.

Otherwise, you can just gawk at it, just like you would at a hottie strutting her stuff in the streets.

How many such polymer solid numbers notes are around as they seem to be rather invisible to the general collection public?

Is this note the scarcest of all the solid numbers notes of all the various denominations?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The United States 1 Cent Error Off-Centre Strike

***An Error 1 Cent coin from The United States with an Off-Centre Strike of around 70%, at least.

But, I suppose such an error esp. from the American 1 cent series is nothing to gloat about as after all there are so many errors churned out from this series due to the abundance of coins struck in this denomination of 1 cent.

And, I suppose the costs for producing this 1 cent coin must be more than 1 cent! I am still wondering why the Feds still bother to mint this smallest denomination series.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Malaysia 1976 10 Sen Missing Obverse Error

***This Error 10 sen coin dated 1976 must be one collectible that has been in my possession for the longest time - at least 30 years now, if not more.
As a school-boy, I found this coin in some loose change and I was very excited, then, to have come across this freak coin, whereby its Obverse is missing or almost missing. I would grade this coin as Good EF to AU & it still retains its original patina on the Reverse.

It's amazing that this coin is still with me after all these donkey years considering the number of times that I have moved house & during the brief period that I was in Europe.

And obviously, unlike the current Bunga Raya series, this 1976 coin is definitely an unassisted pure mint error, & and which is further emphasised by the presence of the light silhouette of the actual missing design, a typical feature I am told for such an error.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Malaysia 2010 $1 Solid Numbers ABX1111111

***Hallo alle meine Leser & Leserinnen dieser Welt, zum erstenmal werde ich auf Deutsch schreiben. Und falls ich zu viele Fehlers machen, wissen Sie warum das so ist. Heute wurde ich Ihnen eine RM1 banknote mit der Nummer ABX 1111111 zeigen und weiß ich, daß es viele malaysische Sammler gibt, die sich diese Banknote kriegen möchten, aber, es tut mir leid, ist diese banknote nicht zu verkaufen! Und jetzt wissen Sie , daß ich dies in meine Sammlung habe....

Friday, April 8, 2011

Malaysia 1999 DJ First Prefix

***A stack of 100 pieces of the RM2 note with rather cute Serial NOs issued way back in 1999 with the First Prefix of DJ for this series.
Basically, an issue that no one gave a hoot about back then but an item some collectors would like to grab hold of today.

None of the dealers have this DJ issue currently in their stock as most of this issue had been opened up & used and I suppse that's the purpose why these banknotes were printed for in the first place, ie, they are meant for circulation and not to be hoarded!

Monday, April 4, 2011

China 1960 2 Yuan

***Un petit billet de banque en ce qui concerne la taille, de la république populaire de la Chine, émis en 1960, ne portant que la valeur de 2 Yuan.

Un billet qu'on donnait pas d'attention il y a tout juste 2 années, mais aujoud'hui, ça a effectivement tout changé, comme si ceci était fabriqué en utilisant le papier d'or.

Et sans doute ce n'est plus nécessaire pour vous de deviner ce que je veux dire ici, car vous savez très bien maintenant, bien que vous soyez à Timbuktu ou sur la lune, que les prix de tous les billets chinois & y compris les timbres, se sont beaucoup accrus ce derniere année, & manifestement par les actes speculatifs de la part des nouveaux riches Chinois.

Et suis confiant que meme le prix du papier hygénique chinois va s'accroître, lui aussi, dan l'avenir proche......qu'en pensez vous?! Et vont les Chinois 'oser' utiliser celui-ci alors pour torcher leurs c..........?!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Straits Settlements 1899 10 Cents Coin Cud Error

*** This is an unusual cud error 10 cents coin dated 1899 from The Straits Settlements.

A cud is, of course, the surface area that has been damaged & which resembles a blob.

However, the real question is, obviously, at least, to yours truly, is this a real error coin or it's a man-made one?

I got this coin from a pile that I bought and I only paid 1 Yankee Dollar for this coin - I obviously didn't purchase this coin as an error coin at a high premium. I am wondering if there's any error coin expert out there who could enlighten me if I am holding an error or a make-believe one as I am really a neophyte when it comes to trying to figure out a bona fide or fake error coin from the Straits Settlements' era.