Thursday, March 10, 2011

Malaysia 2010 Proof Single Gold Land Survey Dept

***A Commemorative Proof Coin weighing slightly more than 8gm of pure gold issued in 2010, I suppose, to honor the Land Survey Dept of Malaysia.
This coin which comes in a box which has a COA that bears the Number of 00X.
As the price of gold has hit US$1,400 per oz, some folks are joining the bandwagon to buy such gold coins as a form of investment. Just wondering why these same folks didn't buy gold when gold was, say, at US$500 or US$600 an oz?
This reminds me of the stockmarket thing whereby so-called "investors" or rather punters chase after stocks when they are at sky-high prices, and do not buy or rather chicken-out when the prices are at the depressed levels.
What would happen tomorrow if the price of gold comes tumbling down? As days sure will follow nights and nights sure will follow days, what goes up will sure come down, isn't that how things are supposed to be?!

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