Monday, March 7, 2011

China 2004 Zodiac Monkey Mini-Sheet Stamps

***This year 2004 zodiac stamp issue featuring a smiling chimpanzee seems to be a very popular issue, esp. with its rather good looking vignette of our close cousin.
This mini-sheet with 6 stamps seems rather popular due to supposedly its low print of less than 2 million sheets, & that's according to grapevine, not me, as I don't have reliable moles in the world of philately.
The ongoing market price of this stamp sheet has basically on the uptick these few months & from late last year until now, its price has climbed up around 50%, believe it or not. As such, its better to buy Chinese stamps than to get burnt at the stock-market, I suppose.
Some local small-time stamp dealers or shall I call them small-time monkeys are, currently, trying to sell this mini-sheet & also the full sheet of 20 stamps of this issue at a ridiculously exorbitant price of RM360/US$110 per sheet.
You can actually see this particular monkey hawking his ware at a local flea-market every Sunday....

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