Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Malaya 1942-45 $100 Japanese Invasion Money Error

***A bona-fide error 'Banana Note' bearing the value of $100, with print missing in certain areas of the Obverse & dramatic upward & leftward shift of the Reverse.

Even the prefixes are out now of position, due to poor printing, something not very surprising from the, then, incompetent Japs.

However, it's not often that one sees good error issues credited to the Japs' then incompetency with their now infamous banana hyperinflation issues & perhaps, even this banknote with the value of $100 couldn't have bought the despised Jap army private a miserable banana, then.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Malaysia 1999 $2 First Prefix DF 1 Stack 100 Pieces

***A stack of 100 pieces of perfect uncirculated & now defunct RM2 notes issued more than 10 shorts year ago signed by 1-year-Governor, Ali Abul Hassan, carrying the First Prefix of DF.
I truly have no idea whether this particular issue is being demanded by collectors of today or not, but since it was offered to me by my friend, Harvin, I just bought it at the spur of the moment.

By the way, Harvin, I understand you still have another 4 stacks of this issue with you and also 1 final stack of the First Series $10 Sa-Puloh notes in Choice condition with you.

Can you reserve all these for me?

I will pick them up from you next week on Friday when I will be going to Penang & then, up north to Sungei Petani before finally, ending up in Danok?

By the way, I have already transferred the payment to you via internet a few minutes ago. Please check.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Malaysia 2011 RM50 ZC Replacement Notes

***This must be the most anticipated latest Malaysian RM50 Replacement banknote & this issue carries the Prefix of ZC.
In fact, most folks have not yet seen this banknote and that includes yours truly too until I got it thru the post this afternoon.
Thanks to Mr C.C.Lim, a banknotes' dealer up north in Sg Petani, Kedah, for being kind enough for having spared these 2 pieces in Choice condition to me, esp. with their lower Serial Numbers - with 3 zeroes at the start of the Serial Numbers.
Btw, how did you know that 6868 is my lucky number?!
(To all of you folks who wish to acquire this latest RM50 ZC Replacement series, Mr C.C.Lim can be contacted 24/7 at: 012-4292447).
Would this ZC issue be the all-important scarce issue for this RM50 series? Will it charter unchartered territories in time to come?
And above all, does ZC 0000001 exists?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Malaysia 1995 $10 Ahmad Don

***An $10 oldie dated around 1995 printed by Giesecke & Devrient bearing the Prefix of VV.
Lots of $10 notes with this design were printed by Oberthur & Giesecke, resulting in all these notes not having a high selling value collectionwise despite the passage of more than 15 years. One can easily buy a UNC piece for as low as RM15 (4 Yankee Dollars).
Thanks to Mr Singh for having sold this note for me for just RM12 (3 Yankee Dollars). Please keep the other 3 running pieces for me. I will collect them from you next.
Text me when your bus arrives in Kuala Lumpur and I will get my driver to chauffeur you to my joint.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Malaysia 2010 Proof Single Gold Land Survey Dept

***A Commemorative Proof Coin weighing slightly more than 8gm of pure gold issued in 2010, I suppose, to honor the Land Survey Dept of Malaysia.
This coin which comes in a box which has a COA that bears the Number of 00X.
As the price of gold has hit US$1,400 per oz, some folks are joining the bandwagon to buy such gold coins as a form of investment. Just wondering why these same folks didn't buy gold when gold was, say, at US$500 or US$600 an oz?
This reminds me of the stockmarket thing whereby so-called "investors" or rather punters chase after stocks when they are at sky-high prices, and do not buy or rather chicken-out when the prices are at the depressed levels.
What would happen tomorrow if the price of gold comes tumbling down? As days sure will follow nights and nights sure will follow days, what goes up will sure come down, isn't that how things are supposed to be?!

Monday, March 7, 2011

China 2004 Zodiac Monkey Mini-Sheet Stamps

***This year 2004 zodiac stamp issue featuring a smiling chimpanzee seems to be a very popular issue, esp. with its rather good looking vignette of our close cousin.
This mini-sheet with 6 stamps seems rather popular due to supposedly its low print of less than 2 million sheets, & that's according to grapevine, not me, as I don't have reliable moles in the world of philately.
The ongoing market price of this stamp sheet has basically on the uptick these few months & from late last year until now, its price has climbed up around 50%, believe it or not. As such, its better to buy Chinese stamps than to get burnt at the stock-market, I suppose.
Some local small-time stamp dealers or shall I call them small-time monkeys are, currently, trying to sell this mini-sheet & also the full sheet of 20 stamps of this issue at a ridiculously exorbitant price of RM360/US$110 per sheet.
You can actually see this particular monkey hawking his ware at a local flea-market every Sunday....