Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Haiti 1986 2 Gourdes Tyvek Propaganda Overprint

***This unusual banknote must be one of the most popular banknotes ever printed on Tyvek among collectors.
This banknote carries an overprint to celebrate the fleeing of Baby Doc from the Haitian's power throne where he was, like his old man, supposed to be President For Life.
The suspected protagonists behind this Overprint must have been the Haitian exiles in Miami.
It has been mentioned & quoted many, many times that ONLY 250 pieces of this 2 Gourdes note exist. Is this accurate? If it is indeed true, then, this banknote must rank as the fewest ever issued in the world and would, thus, cost a bomb in years to come!
Somehow, this might be true as one has not seen this note being auctioned on eBay or elsewhere for a long, long time now.

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