Friday, April 30, 2010


***This is the $10 Sa-Puloh banknote from Malaysia with the 'Broken Security Thread' variety, as had been catalogued by Steven Tan.
The break in the Security Thread in this note is very obvious and one doesn't need a UV light to see the break.
I hope many of you guys out there who are looking non-stop for an 'Agung's watermark' for this issue to stop looking for one as that 'issue' does NOT exist.
I know you all want to use that particular requested note for 'Tarik Wang' purposes, but, neither the Agung's Watermark nor 'Tarik Wang' exist. Both are hogwash.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

***This 'rag' is the scarce $100 ZZ Replacement banknote for the 5th Series 'Blindman' issue signed by Aziz Taha.
I have yet to see a piece of this banknote in UNC condition. Have you?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Malaysia 2010 $1 ZAA REPLACEMENT UNC

***This is a piece of the 2010's RM1 Replacement banknote bearing the Prefix of ZAA.
Still remembering the price-collapse of the one-time 'rare' RM1 ZD Replacement note, many collectors are still fearful of buying this ZAA banknote when the price was between RM15 to RM25 a piece, even though had they 'got it wrong', how much could they have lost?
Will this ZAA Replacement breach unchartered territories by matching the price of the RM2 ZB Replacement?
Even this ZB banknote took many years to reach its present price of RM1,500 each, and as such, one would need a crystal ball to get a clearer picture of the future's price of ZAA.
***(Following this posting, I have had a deluge of enquiries from both collectors & dealers alike asking if I have this ZAA note(s) for sale? This ZAA issue is NOT for sale. In fact, I intend to further acquire more of this issue)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Malaysia 4th Series 1981/83 $10 X/I Replacement CHOICE UNCIRCULATED

***This, a 4th Series $10 X/1 Replacement banknote from Malaysia, is neither a 'rare' nor a 'scarce' banknote as there seems to be lots of them around town.
However, these days, it is not easy to find this issue in nice and choice uncirculated condition, as most on sale in the market have the usual imperfections of being mishandled, foxing and with signs of rounded corners.
Price = RM450

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Malaysia 1st Series 1967 $10 SA-PULOH CHOICE UNCIRCULATED

***This is the ever-popular 1st Series old-spellinged $10 banknote dated 1967 from Malaysia.
This banknote is NOT a rare banknote as there are lots of them around.
However, it is scarcer is Choice Uncirculated condition as most of this issue that one sees are in lower grades and even those in so-called UNC condition have problems, whereby they have signs of foxing, mishandlings, rounded-corners, etc.
And there is a 'select group' of collectors who are tirelessly looking for a piece with the Agung's watermark, even though knowing very-well that such an issue never exists.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Malaysia $1 Solid Numbers 6666666 UNC

***These are 2 pieces of the RM1 with the Solid Numbers of 6666666 & the Prefixes of YZ and ZU.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oceania Japanese Invasion Money 10 Shillings AU

***This is an Oceania's Japanese Invasion Money with the value of 10 Shillings.
A UNC note obviously with very crisp, firm paper but due to slight handling marks near the top edges & also some slight rounding of corners, a grading of AU would be more accurate.
This note has often been labelled as a scarce issue. Is it?
Wouldn't the 1/2 & 1 Shilling issues bearing the Prefixes of OA & OB be scarcer?
Price = US$110

Friday, April 9, 2010

Malaysia 2009 Set Of 2 Proof Coin 50th ANNIVERSARY OF MALAYSIAN PARLIAMENT

***This is a Proof Set Of 2 Coins (Silver & Nordic Gold/Brass) issued in 2009 commemorating the 50th Anniversary Of The Malaysian Parliament.
They come in a Box & its COA.
This set is also considered as 'cornered' as only 200 sets were issued.
Price = RM600

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Malaysia 2000 Shah Alam City Coin-Card

***This Year 2000 Bandaraya Shah Alam Coin-Card carries the highest current market value for all the various coin-cards ever issued in Malaysia.
Even though the 'Approved Mintage' was 10,000 pieces, it is believed that very much less than that were minted, resulting with this coin-card being 'cornered.'
Price = RM150

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Malaysia $100 ZB Replacement ZETI AZIZ UNC

***It is quite apparent that every Governor will have a scarce banknote issued during his or her tenure.
During the current Governor's tenure, tonnes of banknotes have been printed and most are common issues, but as usual, 2 issues issued early in her tenure are scarce, namely, the RM50 ZA Replacement issues & the note featured today.
This is an RM100 replacement banknote signed by the current sitting Governor with the ZB Prefix which is very scarce in Uncirculated condition.
Try getting a UNC piece from any local dealers and you will know why.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Malaysia 2010 $1 AAZ Prefix 1 Stack 100 PIECES UNC

***This is a stack of 100 Pieces of the 2010's RM1 banknote bearing the Prefix of AAZ.
The previous RM1 banknotes bearing the prefix of AZ were kind of scarce and difficult to obtain.
Will these AAZ banknotes be difficult to obtain too, especially if one wants to make a set from AAA to AAZ?
Fellow Malaysians, what is all the hoo-haa over the AAA prefixed RM1 notes? Try & get the ones bearing the Prefix of AAZ & see which one is easier to get?