Saturday, March 20, 2010

Malaysia 1981/83 4th Series $10 Aziz Taha Choice UNC

***A Consecutive Pair of truly original Choice Uncirculated 4th Series $10 notes from Malaysia.
Someone said that this $10 series is rarer than the 1st Series dated 1967. It does makes sense as we hardly see anyone selling this issue in choice condition online.
Actually, many so-called banknotes labelled UNC being sold online are in reality NOT UNC as proclaimed by the vendors, esp. new vendors, who know nothing about banknotes' grading & who will conveniently request that you jugde the banknotes via the miserable pictures therein provided.
I discovered that most so-called UNC banknotes from Malaysia sold online, esp. those from the 1st to 4th series are only Good EF or AU at most, because they have been badly mishandled (resulting with the edges dented and/or no longer sharp) and most often, there are also presence of light bends & very commonly, counting marks.
When looked under the light, all these imperfections can be clearly seen. In the end, most new collectors will end up having not choice banknotes, but, then, when you pay peanuts, you are bound to get monkeys!
And if you are truly an unlucky individual, then, you will get a banknote that has been chemically washed and pressed/ironed flat. Nothing is cheap, esp. online!
As such, the price of the banknotes will determine the quality of the banknotes purchased. No 2 ways about that.

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