Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oceania Japanese Invasion Money 1 Shilling 'OB' Prefix Fine

***This is a 1 Shilling Oceania's Japanese Invasion Money bearing the Prefix of 'OB.'

Friday, March 26, 2010

Oceania Japanese Invasion Money 1 Shilling 'OA' Prefix Crisp EF

***This is an Oceania's 1 Shilling Japanese Invasion Money with the "OA" Prefix in very crisp EF condition.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Malaysia 2010 $1 AAY 0000001 To AAY 0001000 1 BRICK 1,000 PIECES

***With this brick of 1000 pieces of the new RM1 banknotes from Malaysia bearing the Prefix of AAY & the Serial Numbers of 0000001 to 0001000, I suppose I am again playing bridesmaid as by now the much coveted AAZ 0000001 to AAZ 0001000 must be safely in some collector's hands.
So, just wondering if it's okay to keep AAY 0000001 to AAY 0001000 if I can't get hold of AAZ 0000001 to AAZ 0001000, just like earlier when I have the AAC 0000001 to AAC 0001000 when I couldn't get hold of the AAA 0000001 to AAA 0001000?!
***Will Sell These If The Person Having The AAZ 0000001 to AAZ 0001000 Will Sell That To Me***

Monday, March 22, 2010

Malaysia 1995 $100 ZU Replacement Ahmad Don THOMAS DE LA RUE Good VF/About EF

***This is the $100 ZU Replacement banknote from Malaysia issued in 1995, signed by Ahmad Don & printed by Thomas De La Rue.
The price of this note is twice the price of the other variation printed by Harrison & Sons.
Of course, the most expensive of all the ZU $100 Replacement issues will be the one printed by the US Banknote as apparently only less than 30 pieces were ever printed!
Price = US$200

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Malaysia 1981/83 4th Series $10 Aziz Taha Choice UNC

***A Consecutive Pair of truly original Choice Uncirculated 4th Series $10 notes from Malaysia.
Someone said that this $10 series is rarer than the 1st Series dated 1967. It does makes sense as we hardly see anyone selling this issue in choice condition online.
Actually, many so-called banknotes labelled UNC being sold online are in reality NOT UNC as proclaimed by the vendors, esp. new vendors, who know nothing about banknotes' grading & who will conveniently request that you jugde the banknotes via the miserable pictures therein provided.
I discovered that most so-called UNC banknotes from Malaysia sold online, esp. those from the 1st to 4th series are only Good EF or AU at most, because they have been badly mishandled (resulting with the edges dented and/or no longer sharp) and most often, there are also presence of light bends & very commonly, counting marks.
When looked under the light, all these imperfections can be clearly seen. In the end, most new collectors will end up having not choice banknotes, but, then, when you pay peanuts, you are bound to get monkeys!
And if you are truly an unlucky individual, then, you will get a banknote that has been chemically washed and pressed/ironed flat. Nothing is cheap, esp. online!
As such, the price of the banknotes will determine the quality of the banknotes purchased. No 2 ways about that.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Isle Of Man 1983 1 Pound TYVEK

***A rather unusual pair of the 1983 1 Pound Tyvek banknote issued by the Isle Of Man, whereby, the first piece has been well-circulated while the second consecutive piece is in UNC condition.
How did the circulated piece make its way back to the person who had the consecutive uncirculated piece?!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Malaysia 2010 $1 AAC 1-1000 1 BRICK 1,000 PIECES

***1 whole brick of 1,000 pieces of the 2010's RM1 banknotes from Malaysia bearing the Serial Numbers of AAC 0000001 to AAC 0001000 in Uncirculated condition.
I suppose this brick of notes would represent the '3rd best' as after all, the first 1000 pieces for the prefixes AAA & AAB must be safely in someone's collection by now.
***Will Sell These If Someone Can Sell The AAA 1-1000 To Me***

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Malaysia 1985 $50 WA Replacement BA BANKNOTE

***This is the $50 Uncirculated WA Prefixed Replacement note dated 1985 from Malaysia, signed by Jaffar Hussein, but, which was printed by BA Banknote.
The much more common similar issue was printed by Thomas de la rue.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Malaysia 1998 $50 Ahmad Don FIRST PREFIX 'AA' UNC

***2 Consecutive Uncirculated Pieces of the 1998 $50 banknote from Malaysia signed by Ahmad Don & bearing the First Prefix of 'AA.'

Monday, March 8, 2010

Malaysia 1995 $50 Ahmad Don François Charles Oberthur UNC

***This is the $50 Uncirculated banknote from Malaysia issued way back in 1995 bearing the First Prefix of 'AA' and printed by French printer FCO.
There are many circulated pieces of this issue in the market but do try looking for a copy in Gem UNC condition, esp. one bearing the Prefix of 'AA.'.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

***A set of 10 Consecutive Piece of the 1999 RM10 banknote issue from Malaysia with the Side-Signature of the 1-year Governor.
These banknotes bear the Prefix of 'BA.'
Due to exceptional strong demand, the price of this issue should see more uptick this year.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Malaysia 2010 $1 ZV Prefix Low Numbers 1 Stack 100 Pieces

***This is a stack of 100 pieces of the RM1 ZV banknotes dated 2010 from Malaysia bearing the Last Prefix of the 'Z' series with lower serial numbers; with 3 zeroes preceding the rest of the serial numbers.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Malaysia 2010 $1 AAA 1 STACK 100 PIECES UNC

***This is the banknote issue that has been creating a lot of waves in Malaysia curently among collectors & dealers alike.
This stack of 100 pieces of the RM1 banknotes bear the first-ever unusual triple alphabet prefix ever issued for a regular Malaysian banknote.
The banknotes featured here bear the Serial Numbers of AAA0129101 to AAA0129200.
Most similar AAA notes currently being sold both online & offline bear bigger serial numbers.
As such, the honor is all mine to showcase these 100 pieces with 'Zero' as its first digit.
Certain collectors are harboring dreams of getting the first 1000 or 2000 pieces of this AAA series. Can they get their daydreams fulfilled?!

Monday, March 1, 2010


***These are the RM1 Replacement banknotes from Malaysia issued this year with the first-ever triple alphabet prefix of ZAA.