Thursday, January 14, 2010


***This recently issued RM1 banknote from Malaysia with the Prefix of 'ZG' is NOT a Replacement banknote, as some would like you to believe.
Only those bearing Prefix 'ZW' onwards are the latest replacements, while those from ZF onwards are common banknotes which are meant to be spent!
So far, ZG & ZH have been issued. ZF is still in the vaults.
Grapevine has it that upon the completion of the 'Z' prefixes for the RM1 banknotes, prefix 'AAA' might be thereafter utilised.
DO NOT be bamboozled into buying ZG notes as replacements as they aren't. It's better to get yourselves a few sticks of fags than to buy ZG notes at preposterous prices.
I got this banknote when I paid for the toll while driving back to KL from Bukit Mertajam 3 days ago.
***Go Ahead And Buy This Banknote If You Have Nothing Else Better To Do***

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