Sunday, January 31, 2010

Haiti 1982 2 Gourdes TYVEK BANKNOTE

***And this is a 2 Gourdes banknote from Haiti dated 1982 printed on Tyvek by ABNC, with the now defunct tyvek technology from Dupont.
Then, this banknote only costs a few bucks, now, it is above US$400.
That's how things are when coming to banknotes collecting, ie, to expect the unexpected, as prices can reach unchartered territories!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Haiti 1982 1 Gourde 'W' Prefix TYVEK BANKNOTE

***This is the rare 1 Gourde Tyvek banknote from Haiti dated 1982, with the scarce single prefix of 'W' & which shows the vignette of ex-Haitian dictator, Papa Doc.
Haiti is the only country that issued a complete set of banknotes in tyvek for circulation & being 1 of the only 3 countries in the world that ever printed notes in tyvek, all courtesy of the ABNC.
Many years back, this banknote was being sold for just a few Yankee Dollars, but today, a UNC piece is being sold for above US$400.
Its price will definitely trend higher as these notes were only issued during a 2-year-period and the tyvek technology has long since been consigned to the dungheap!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Malaysia $10 Error Banknote MISSING DESIGNS ON REVERSE UNC

***Here is an unusual Uncirculated RM10 Error banknote from Malaysia whereby all the various designs that should be found on the Reverse of the banknote are missing.
However, the Serial Numbers, which should be the last to be printed on the banknote are there.
And this note bears the Prefix of 'KL', which stands for 'Kuala Lumpur.'
Price = US$200
***SOLD at US$182!***

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Isle Of Man 1983 1 Pound TYVEK BANKNOTE

***And this is a 1 Pound 1983 banknote from the Isle Of Man printed on the now scarce tyvek.
Compare the price of this banknote and a similar one that was printed on paper and you will discover that the difference in pricing is a as deep as the Channel!
Do you know how many countries in total issued banknotes in tyvek?!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Costa Rica 1983 20 Colones TYVEK BANKNOTE

***This is an Uncirculated 20 Colones banknote dated 1983 from Costa Rica which was printed on Tyvek.
The prices of Tyvek banknotes have gone up tremendously these last few years as only several countries had ever printed banknotes on the now defunct tyvek technology and the last time it was used was more than 25 years ago.
Tyvek was pioneered by the Americans to replace the paper technology but was found to be unsuitable shortly thereafter and was totally killed off with the discovery of the very durable polymer technology by the Australians.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Indonesia 1891 10 Cents Brass Chinese Plantation Token

***This is an unusual 10 Cents brass token issued in 1891 in Sumatera, Indonesia, by a Chinese plantation company.
This token is unusual as most similar tokens come in the value of $1 while this one is worth only 10 cents and most similar tokens are uniface while this one has 4 Chinese characters on the Obverse.
Furthermore, this token is slightly smaller compared to those issued by German issuers.
Price = US$150

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Indonesia 1890 $1 Brass Token BINDJEY UNTERNEHMUNG

***Yet another $1 brass token issued in 1890 in Sumatera, Indonesia by a German company called Bindjey Unternehmung.
And this token has a hole in the centre.
Why did these issuers have to issue token of various odd sizes and designs?
Price = US$100

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Indonesia 1890 $1 Brass Token HESSA UNTERNEHMUNG

***Another $1 uniface brass German token from Indonesia issue by Hessa Unternehmung but it's dated 1890 and with an unusual shape of a pentagon.
I wonder why the issuers of these various German tokens in Sumatera, Indonesia during those days of yore took the hassle of creating tokens of diverse shapes & sizes.
This is the first time I have seen one in a pentagonal shape.
Price = US$100

Sunday, January 17, 2010


***This is a $1 brass token issued by a private German company in year 1891 somewhere in Sumatera, Indonesia, where at that time Germany had an outpost.
This token bears the name Soengei Serbangan Unternehmung or rather Soengei Serbangan Enterprise.
It must have been made of brass, uniface, with plain edge but with an oval shape.
And it is valid for $1.
Price = US$100

Thursday, January 14, 2010


***This recently issued RM1 banknote from Malaysia with the Prefix of 'ZG' is NOT a Replacement banknote, as some would like you to believe.
Only those bearing Prefix 'ZW' onwards are the latest replacements, while those from ZF onwards are common banknotes which are meant to be spent!
So far, ZG & ZH have been issued. ZF is still in the vaults.
Grapevine has it that upon the completion of the 'Z' prefixes for the RM1 banknotes, prefix 'AAA' might be thereafter utilised.
DO NOT be bamboozled into buying ZG notes as replacements as they aren't. It's better to get yourselves a few sticks of fags than to buy ZG notes at preposterous prices.
I got this banknote when I paid for the toll while driving back to KL from Bukit Mertajam 3 days ago.
***Go Ahead And Buy This Banknote If You Have Nothing Else Better To Do***

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


***This is the now scarce $10 QA Replacement banknote from Malaysia dated 1984 bearing Aziz Taha's signature in Uncirculated condition.
Very seldom do we now see this colorful replacement banknote up for sale thru online sites or from various banknotes dealers.
In fact, most banknotes' dealers have run out of stock of various banknotes; dealers from Penang, Kuala Lumpur & Johor Bahru!
Price = US$110

Friday, January 8, 2010

Malaysia $5 Polymer SOLID NUMBERS 8888888 UNC

***It's not off-the-mark to say that this $5 Polymer banknote from Malaysia bearing the unusual & lucky Solid Numbers of 8888888 must be one of the rarest, if not the rarest, banknotes to be ever seen in public or offered for sale online.
This banknote with the lucky numbers must be the rarest Solid Numbers banknote of this polymer series, as it has never been offered for sale online.
Price = US$1,800

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Malaysia 1999 $2 ZD Replacement ALI ABUL HASSAN UNC

***10 Consecutive Uncirculated RM2 ZD Replacement banknotes from Malaysia dated 1999 signed by the short-termed 1-yr-Governor, Ali Abul Hassan.
Only 3.5 prefixes were issued for the regular banknotes for this issue & as such, common sense would tell us that the replacements would be even much lesser & above all, for this now obsolete & no-longer-issued RM2 denomination issue.
A very popular replacement banknotes among various Malaysian collectors today!
The banknotes featured today bear slightly lower & nice plus so-to-speak prosperous serial numbers!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Malaysia 1985 $20 LAST PREFIX 'TH' UNC

***These are 5 Consecutive Pieces of the $20 banknote dated 1985 from Malaysia in Uncirculated condition bearing the Last Prefix of 'TH.'

Friday, January 1, 2010

Malaysia 1998 $100 ZA Replacement AHMAD DON UNC

***A set of 3 Consecutive Uncirculated ZA Replacement banknotes from Malaysia dated 1998 signed by Ahmad Don.
As most collectors from Malaysia would know by now, the banknote featured today is the rarest $100 post-1996 Replacement banknote & the reason for this is very simply due to the small quantities issued.
And perfect uncirculated condition for this note is quite tough to come by as most of these banknotes, even though in UNC condition, have counting marks on them.