Saturday, December 5, 2009

Malaysia 1995 $5 NZ Replacement Banknote AHMAD DON THOMAS DE LA RUE UNC

***Of course, this is one of the elusively & exclusively Top 4 Rarest post-1990s Replacement Banknotes from Malaysia, the other 3 being the RM2 ZB by Ahmad Don, the RM50 ZA Side-Signature by Ali Abul Hassan and the RM 50 ZA 97xxxxx by Zeti Aziz.
This banknote is special as it was printed in very small and limited quantity by Thomas De La Rue before the Canadian Banknote Co took over & printed the rest of this series in abundance.
The other 3 banknotes as mentioned among the Top 4 above can still be purchased in UNC condition if one is willing to fork out the necessary dough to get them, even though, the Zeti RM50 ZA97 is immensely tough to get hold of today, however, even if one has money, it is not easy to get the note that is featured today, esp. when one dreams of getting several consecutive pieces!
***Not For Sale At The Moment***

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