Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Malaysia 1982 4th Series $100 AZIZ TAHA

***This 1982 4th Series $100 banknote from Malaysia signed by Aziz Taha must be the MOST expensive/valuable $100 banknote, in any condition, ever issued from the 1st series right up to the 11th series.
The above banknote featured here is an Original piece; 'Original' meaning the banknote has not been washed and/or pressed or mischieviously tampered in any way.
One can clearly see the folds & other 'valleys.' Isn't this how a circulated banknote should look like?
It's kind of surreal to see similar circulated banknotes in the form of VF or EF grades being offered for sale, but with the folds missing to the naked eye. Isn't that weird?
No, it is just that such banknotes have been washed & pressed & in some serious instances, even having being ironed!

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