Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Malaysia 1982 $20 10 Pieces LAST PREFIX 'TE' UNC

***These are 10 Consecutive Uncirculated 1982 $20 banknotes from Malaysia bearing the Last Prefix of 'TE'.
During the recently concluded Malaysian Numismatic Society's auction, an Uncirculated similar $20 banknote, but one which bore the First Prefix of 'TA' was sold for around US$60.
Thus, the price for this unique $20 banknote has spiked up many2 times this year, most probably, due to many new collectors sprouting out and the tremendous lack of stock for such banknotes.
Those who are still sentimental about yester-years' prices might not be able ever to buy more modern Malaysian banknotes in months and years to come.
***Not For Sale At The Moment***

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