Monday, December 21, 2009

Malaya 1961 Small A Buffalo Note

***The note featured today must be among the most popular banknote from British Malaya that collectors love to collect, including collectors from outside Malaysia, going to those as far as North America and Europe.
This common Small A Buffalo Note is also, unfortunately, one of the most popular banknotes to be a favorite for chemically washing and subsequent pressing by now all-too-well-known parties, who, then, sell such lower grade notes that had been chemically processed as AU or UNC grades, esp. on the net, or even at this as you read this.
Most naive new collectors won't hesitate to grab such "AU/UNC" banknotes being sold on the net, usually at 'bargain' prices, only realising 6 months down the road that what they have bought being merely trash.
And it's quite hard to advise new collectors from grabbing such 'bargains' on the net as they often perceived that we, the 'advisors', as trying to dissuade them from buying such 'bargains' with an ulterior motive.
To all you folks out there, if you can buy a UNC piece of the note featured today at US$300 or so, that means the note you have bought was actually VF the most but had been chemically cleaned, pressed & sealed in a plastic folder (to prevent you from feeling the lifeless thin piece of crap).
Sellers are not morons to sell you this piece of note in UNC grade at US$300 or so!

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