Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!

Wishing All You Folks, Near Or Far, Out There, A Very Happy New Year 2010!

Make A Few Wishes And May Some Of Them Come True!

A Mes Amis Ainsi Qu'aux Fidèles De Ce Blog, Ici Ou Dans Tous Les Quartre Coins Du Monde, Je Te Souhaite Tous ," Bonne Année!"

N'Oublie Pas De Faire Trois Voeux Pour La Nouvelle Année!

Que La Rêverie Devienne La Realité!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Malaysia 1982 4th Series $100 AZIZ TAHA

***This 1982 4th Series $100 banknote from Malaysia signed by Aziz Taha must be the MOST expensive/valuable $100 banknote, in any condition, ever issued from the 1st series right up to the 11th series.
The above banknote featured here is an Original piece; 'Original' meaning the banknote has not been washed and/or pressed or mischieviously tampered in any way.
One can clearly see the folds & other 'valleys.' Isn't this how a circulated banknote should look like?
It's kind of surreal to see similar circulated banknotes in the form of VF or EF grades being offered for sale, but with the folds missing to the naked eye. Isn't that weird?
No, it is just that such banknotes have been washed & pressed & in some serious instances, even having being ironed!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Malaysia 1982 $5 Aziz Taha LAST PREFIX UNC

***A set of 10 Consecutive Pieces of the $5 banknote date 1982 signed by Aziz Taha in Uncirculated condition and which bear the Last Prefix of B/30.
Apparently, only 12 prefixes were issued for this popular banknote, seen here still in their all-glorious vibrant green color!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Malaysia 1972 $10 2nd Series CHOICE UNC

***Here are 5 Consecutive Choice Uncirculated $10 banknotes from Malaysia being the 2nd Series issue dated 1972.
It is not easy to find this issue in choice UNC condition with sharp edges/corners, no foxing, with original sheen & above all, no counting marks.
Many such banknotes sold in the open market have irritating counting marks as during those days, there were no counting machines at banks & banknotes were manually counted, resulting in bent corners.
***Not For Sale At The Moment***

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Everyone!

Wishing my family as well as my friends near & far and all visitors to my blog, a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
Je veux du fond de mon coeur te souhaiter tous, ma famille & mes amis d'autour du monde un très Joyeux Noël & Bonne Année! Tu sais très bien que je t'aime & je t'embrasse!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Malaysia 1982 $20 10 Pieces LAST PREFIX 'TE' UNC

***These are 10 Consecutive Uncirculated 1982 $20 banknotes from Malaysia bearing the Last Prefix of 'TE'.
During the recently concluded Malaysian Numismatic Society's auction, an Uncirculated similar $20 banknote, but one which bore the First Prefix of 'TA' was sold for around US$60.
Thus, the price for this unique $20 banknote has spiked up many2 times this year, most probably, due to many new collectors sprouting out and the tremendous lack of stock for such banknotes.
Those who are still sentimental about yester-years' prices might not be able ever to buy more modern Malaysian banknotes in months and years to come.
***Not For Sale At The Moment***

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Malaysia $100 ZB Zeti Aziz Replacement Banknote

***This, the $100 ZB Replacement banknote signed by Zeti Aziz from Malaysia, is an unusual scarce banknote.
There are very few of this issue in UNC condition and as such, it's scarce, but however, there seems to be a lot of this issue in circulated condition. It's a rather bizarre issue, rare in UNC but common in circulated condition!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Malaya 1961 Small A Buffalo Note

***The note featured today must be among the most popular banknote from British Malaya that collectors love to collect, including collectors from outside Malaysia, going to those as far as North America and Europe.
This common Small A Buffalo Note is also, unfortunately, one of the most popular banknotes to be a favorite for chemically washing and subsequent pressing by now all-too-well-known parties, who, then, sell such lower grade notes that had been chemically processed as AU or UNC grades, esp. on the net, or even at this as you read this.
Most naive new collectors won't hesitate to grab such "AU/UNC" banknotes being sold on the net, usually at 'bargain' prices, only realising 6 months down the road that what they have bought being merely trash.
And it's quite hard to advise new collectors from grabbing such 'bargains' on the net as they often perceived that we, the 'advisors', as trying to dissuade them from buying such 'bargains' with an ulterior motive.
To all you folks out there, if you can buy a UNC piece of the note featured today at US$300 or so, that means the note you have bought was actually VF the most but had been chemically cleaned, pressed & sealed in a plastic folder (to prevent you from feeling the lifeless thin piece of crap).
Sellers are not morons to sell you this piece of note in UNC grade at US$300 or so!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Malaysia 1985 $10 Serial NOs QQ7770777 JAFFAR HUSSEIN

***This is a 25-year-old banknote from Malaysia with a beautiful red hue & a very impressive design on the Reverse bearing the unusual Serial Numbers of QQ7770777.
Certainly, a banknote for those who fancy radar serial numbers in their albums!
Price = US$80

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Malaysia 2000 ZA9905033/34 Replacement Banknote ZETI AZIZ UNC

***A Scarce Uncirculated Consecutive Pair of the RM50 ZA99 Replacement Banknotes issued way back in year 2000 and signed by the current Governor.
As the current Governor has been busy signing various Malaysian banknotes for the past 9 years, most of these banknotes bearing her signature do not bear much premium due to the obvious immense available quantity.
Only her RM50 ZA Replacement banknotes score the highest marks in terms of value due to the limited quantity issued and very much less still in the ever-wanted Uncirculated condition.
Price = US$200

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Malaysia 2000 $10 Serial Numbers 0199999 & 0200000 ZETI AZIZ WITHOUT SECURITY THREAD

***Here is a year 2000 issued Consecutive Pair of banknotes from Malaysia Without The Security Thread variety in Uncirculated condition with the consecutive Serial Numbers of 0199999 & 0200000.
For reasons best known to collectors themselves, there seems to be a sudden, impromptu surge in demand for this, till now, largely ignored issue. Why?
Price = US$100

Thursday, December 10, 2009


***A consecutive pair of the decade-old $10 ZA Replacement banknotes from Malaysia signed by Ahmad Don in Uncirculated condition.
It's getting more difficult seeing this issue being offered for sale online despite it being tagged as a 'common issue' by certain parties.
I strongly believe that the quantity issued for this banknote was rather limited and most of this issue are already in collectors' hands.
Price = US$130

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Malaisie $20 Billets Remplaçants UZ

***Je vous présente aujourd'hui 2 billets de banque remplaçants de $20 émis plus or moins il y a 24 ans.
C'est la deuxième émission de billets portant la valeur de $20 jamais émise en Malaisie & on peut les considérer comme les uns des plus préférés parmi les collectionneurs.
Le prix pour cette émission remplaçante s'est beaucoup accrue, particulièrement cette année, dû à , peut-être, la demande très forte de la part des nouveaux collectionneurs locaux.
Le Prix = 250 Euros

Monday, December 7, 2009

La Malaisie 2000 $50 Billet De Banque Remplaçant ZB 0707070

***On peut voir ici un billet de banque 'remplaçant' très spécial de Malaisie de valeur de RM50, émis, sauf erreur, en 2000, portant les numéros répétitifs de ZB0707070, imprimé, "comme d'habitude", par l'imprimeur allemand G & D.
C'est la première fois que j'ai vu un billet remplaçant malaisien portant de tels numéros que je considère comme pas normal & très spécial & ce que je partage avec vous aujourd'hui, que vous soyez ici en Malaisie ou soyez ailleurs dans le monde!
Le Prix = 100 Euros.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Malaysia 1995 $500 AHMAD DON EF

***This is the currently ever-elusive high-denomination & now long since demonetized 1995's $500 banknote from Malaysia signed by Ahmad Don in EF condition.
Many in-the-know Malaysian banknotes' collectors are now hunting and accumulating this banknote as they now realise the scarcity of this issue as it's apparently better late than never to do so!
An Uncirculated piece is, apparently, commanding the princely price of US$1,400 and despite that, supply is not forthcoming for the rarest $500 banknote ever issued by Malaysia!
Price = US$900

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Malaysia 1995 $5 NZ Replacement Banknote AHMAD DON THOMAS DE LA RUE UNC

***Of course, this is one of the elusively & exclusively Top 4 Rarest post-1990s Replacement Banknotes from Malaysia, the other 3 being the RM2 ZB by Ahmad Don, the RM50 ZA Side-Signature by Ali Abul Hassan and the RM 50 ZA 97xxxxx by Zeti Aziz.
This banknote is special as it was printed in very small and limited quantity by Thomas De La Rue before the Canadian Banknote Co took over & printed the rest of this series in abundance.
The other 3 banknotes as mentioned among the Top 4 above can still be purchased in UNC condition if one is willing to fork out the necessary dough to get them, even though, the Zeti RM50 ZA97 is immensely tough to get hold of today, however, even if one has money, it is not easy to get the note that is featured today, esp. when one dreams of getting several consecutive pieces!
***Not For Sale At The Moment***

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Malaysia 1999 $50 Serial Numbers 5151515 ALI ABUL HASSAN CENTRE-SIGNATURE UNC.

***Another rather unusual RM50 banknote from 1999 bearing the Centre-Signature style of Abul Hassan, which bears the fancy repeating & radar serial numbers of 5151515.
Another banknote for all the aficionados of such 'middle-kingdom' serial numbers!!!
Price = US$85

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Malaysia 1999 $50 Serial NUmbers 1717171 ALI ABUL HASSAN CENTTRE-SIGNATURE UNC

***An RM50 banknote from Malaysia dated 1999 in Uncirculated condition bearing the Centre-Signature style of Ali Abul Hassan.
A rather seldom-seen banknote from this issue as it bears the repeating and radar serial numbers of 1717171!
Definitely a banknote on the want-lists of radar numbers' aficionados!
Price = US$90