Friday, November 13, 2009

Malaysia $50 Scarce ZA Replacement Banknotes ZETI AZIZ UNC

***A rare Consecutive Pair of the ZA RM50 Replacement Banknotes bearing Zeti Aziz's signature in Uncirculated condition.
Safely, this RM50 ZA Replacement series is, indeed, the rarest banknote series bearing Zeti's signature, whether Replacement or otherwise, as it only comes in the form of ZA97xxxxx, ZA98xxxxx & ZA99xxxxx, whereby, its serial numbers actually continue from her predecessor's.
And it is also very safe to add that due to Zeti's long tenure as the Central Bank's Governor, now into her 9th year, all of her other notes, basically, do not have much in collectors' value, due to the abundance of banknotes issued, & being issued, during these 9 years that bear her signature.
Price = US$200

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