Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Malaysia 2008 New $50 With Merdeka Logo Low Serial Numbers The 28th & 29th Banknotes UNC

***These are the number 28th & 29th new $50 banknotes from Malaysia dated 2008 with the First Prefix of AA & with the 50th Merdeka/Independence Logo at the Reverse in Uncirculated condition.
The first 20,000 pieces of this note with the Serial Numbers of AA 0000001 to AA 0020000 were issued with the Special Independence Folders.
Thereafter, the first note of the AA series came with the Serial Numbers of AA 0020001 and this first note was sold to a serious collector in Penang for the princely sum of US$2,000.
The banknotes featured today are the 28th & 29th note of the AA Series.
Do not confuse these featured notes with the 'AF' series as these later issue came without the Independence Logo.
Price = US$150

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