Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Malaysia 1999 $50 Ali Abul Hassan Side-Signature LOW SERIAL NUMBERS BJ0000299 UNC

***This is the RM50 banknote dated 1999 with the Side-Signature of Ali Abul Hassan bearing the unusually Low Serial Numbers of BJ0000299 in Uncirculated condition.
This has to be one of the most requested and eternally evergreen post-1990 Malaysian banknote and not surprisingly, it comes with only 3 prefixes of BG, BH & BJ and the BG & BJ prefixes did not come in their entirety but only partially.
As such, the quantity available, esp. in uncirculated condition is very limited and now further complicated by the deluge of demand by, not only,various collectors but also from dealers.
Definitely, a pivotal must-have banknote in any respectable Malaysian banknote collection.!
Price = US$210

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