Sunday, November 8, 2009

Malaysia 1995 $5 NZ Replacement Banknote Ahmad Don Thomas De La Rue UNC

*** This is the very rare & elusive $5 NZ Replacement Banknote dated 1995 that was signed by Ahmad Don and printed by Thomas De La Rue in Uncirculated condition.
Do not confuse this note with similar ones that were printed by the Canadian Banknote Co which are available in abundance and wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to procure.
This banknote has to be the among the Top 3 Rarest post-1990 Replacement banknote from Malaysia, the other 2 being the RM2 ZB Replacement Banknote with Ahmad Don's signature & the RM50 ZA Replacement with the Side-Signature of Ali Abul Hassan, which, are currently selling in excess of US$450 each, but even then, you can get hold of these issues if you have the dough!
But, despite having the dough, you might not be able to get hold of the replacement banknote that is featured today as most, if not all, dealers DO NOT have this issue. Give it a try & ask around for it & see the results thereafter!
However, all catalogues have totally 'ignored' the rarity of this issue by giving it a laughable rock-bottom price and all sorts of cynical reasons have been given by collectors for this!
Price= US$400
***Just Sold For US$392!***

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