Thursday, November 12, 2009

Malaya 1953 $100 Banknote Queen Elizabeth II Original Fine

***This $100 banknote dated 1953 must be one of the two 'Mother of All Banknotes' from the Malaya & British Borneo series, due to its scarcity in Original Unwashed, Unpressed or Untampered in-any-way condition.
An Original Uncirculated copy is, apparently, commanding a price of US$10,000 or even more; very much higher than as catalogued, especially, when one takes a peep at the laughable Krause reference!
A good reason why it is tagged with such a high price is because, basically, original UNC copies do not exist. The best one could get hold of might be a Good EF or an AUNC piece.
But I am skeptical even in the existence of an Original AUNC piece. In spite of that, so-called AUNC pieces are being offered online for sale at, of course, ridiculous sky-rocket prices & if such pieces are, indeed, Original AUNC, why would the vendors not offer them to be auctioned off at huge auction houses downsouth in Singapore, where big players will be present and such copies could bring-in very much higher prices!?!
Very plausible guess being most of these notes are low grade notes that have been chemically Washed & then, pressed flat, yielding a very thin piece of discolored, flat trash, with its embossment totally wiped off!
The note featured here today is in Original Fine condition, with all margins intact, no tears & no holes, but with grime & all signs of circulation on it. But, isn't that how a 55-year-old circulated banknote should look like?!!!
***Not For Sale At The Moment***

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